A Man Asked Women What They Were Saving For Their Husbands & The Response Was Hilarious

October 4, 2018  |  
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We already know misogyny is real. We see it in virtually all facets of our society. Women are treated as second-class citizens at work, with their voices and opinions silenced in favor of hearing what their male counterparts have to offer. We see it in the street where women, of a certain age, are viewed as little more than sexual objects. And women over a certain age are simply ignored. We see it in churches where women, though they make up the majority of the congregations, across the nation, have been and continue to be systematically oppressed at church. There are still churches who believe women shouldn’t preach. But still, many of the sermons—from male preachers—are dedicated to telling women what they should and shouldn’t be doing in their lives, often as it relates to men—as if this represents our highest spiritual evolution. Women are shamed for having children out of wedlock while the boys or men who impregnated them suffer little to no consequences.

But the area where misogyny is the most dangerous and pervasive is perhaps in relationships. because it’s these attitudes about interpersonal relationships that spill out into the rest of society. Far too often a woman’s sexuality—mostly in reference to pleasing men—, her finances, emotional and domestic labor, ability to have and raise children are all dictated and judged by men. And in these days of trash men, they continue to spout this mess.

A man recently asked women what they were saving for their husbands.

He might have thought it was a new or provocative question. But in actuality, it’s origins are based in archaic rules about a woman’s value being connected to her lack of sexual partners and the fact that women were often procured as property and had to prove they would be a worthy investment. And now, centuries later too many men still feel women have to prove their worth.

But thankfully, there are also those of us who’ve seen the light. Who understand our value outside of what we can do for a man. And these women answered this woman’s question hilariously. Check out some of their responses on the following pages.

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