Was Molly Being A Good Friend Or Nah? And Other Questions After The “Insecure” Finale

October 1, 2018  |  
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I’m always saddened by the end of an “Insecure” season. I always find myself missing the characters and storylines. I think about them long after the show is over—wondering what they’re up to. And the end of the show also signifies the end of summer. It’s just sad all around. Not to mention, this season was drastically different from the first two. As I say every week—mostly because my fiancé keeps complaining about it— the season was about the small, seemingly insignificant moments that contribute to our personalities, destinies etc. So while there weren’t large moments to signify different plot points in the characters’ evolution, there was still A LOT that went on. And with the last episode of the season, we’ve got plenty of questions about what happened last night and what will happen in the future.

Was Molly wrong for sending Nathan away?

I love a dilemma that doesn’t present you with a black or white, yes or no answer about what should have been or what you would have done in this situation. In the moment, I knew Molly probably shouldn’t have sent Nathan away. But at the same time, there was no way Issa’s birthday would have been enjoyable and drama free if she’d spoken to him. She would have spent too long listening to the rationale for his disappearance. (Really, how f*cked up is it to show up and monopolize someone’s time on their birthday after you’ve been going.)

Then, she would have been so preoccupied with his return that she didn’t enjoy herself at the movie screening. And honestly, if she had been thinking about Nathan, she would have never thought about talking to the woman who organized the movie night. She wouldn’t have been motivated to keep on going down the right path. So even though Molly is hella hating on her Block Party idea, had she not sent Nathan away, it would still be on the backburner.

All that being said, I completely understand why Issa would feel a way about Molly discarding another man and not allowing her to make decisions for her own life. It really is a both/and situation. What do you think you would have done in this situation?

Did Molly get what she deserved at work?

Since we’re discussing Molly, let’s just stay on her. Homegirl has quite a few things to address about herself. It was really interesting to watch Issa grow in so many different ways while Molly remains stagnant–outside of her decision to cut Dro off. Which is real life. We don’t all grow at the same pace.

The area where she’s simultaneously shining and struggling is at work. She’s proven that she has the skills to move up in the company but the question is at what cost? Will she have to sidestep and alienate people in order to make a name for herself? It’s interesting to watch someone who is so seemingly calculated and strategic with her career, feel a way when people don’t like her.

Was the work storyline realistic?

After the way Molly’s coworker and co-lead, Taurean, fought and scraped to get that position in the firm, I think it would be a little unrealistic and counterproductive for him to just give it all over to Molly. And I find it hard to believe that the partners would just let him give such a big case to a new employee. But her working alone on this project could present quite an issue, simply because she doesn’t know how they do things at this new firm.

Were y’all surprised to see Jared?

I know I was! And when she took off running after his brother showed up, I knew it was only a matter of time before she had egg on her face. I just didn’t know it would happen during this episode. I get she was uncomfortable with him receiving head from another boy when he was a teenager–but that doesn’t make him gay. Thankfully, the run-in with Jared wasn’t in vain. It helped her to reach back out to Andrew.

Did you think she would apologize to Andrew?

I thought Molly and Andrew would eventually see one another again. But I could not have foreseen her apologizing to him like that. But her conversation with Issa and seeing Jared with another woman while she’s been not only single but struggling since they broke up, proved just how much she’s been sabotaging so many of her relationships. Given the way homeboy was looking with his hair down, it would have been yet another fail if she’d dissed and dismissed this one.

Is this woman dating Lawrence going to present a conflict?

Naturally, Issa is not going to like that Condola is dating her ex. Though this is just another attraction Issa and Lawrence have in common. But there were those who suggested that she’ll do more than help–like taking Issa’s Block Party idea and using her already-established connections to make it her own.

*Ignore the text in this tweet. I just want y’all to be able to see who I’m talking about.*

Are you surprised Tiffany wasn’t in the final show of the season?

I know that the relationship between Tiffany and the rest of the girls is changing, still, it was a bit odd that she didn’t show up for Issa’s birthday without an explanation. With all of that, it makes me wonder if Tiffany will be back next season.

Is Daniel gone forever?

I told y’all the way Molly said “Bye Daniel” was ominous. And lo and behold we haven’t seen him since. It was a bit sad–and surprising not to see him, given he played such a huge role at the beginning of the season. But the reappearance of Jared reminds us that no one on this show is ever really gone for good.

Was Nathan’s excuse for disappearing valid?

I don’t know what to think about Nathan and his reason for disappearing. It sounds plausible but I don’t know that his response to his feelings was appropriate. And it certainly wasn’t kind or considerate as far as Issa was concerned. Nathan could have saved himself and Issa a lot of headaches, if he’d never pursued her in the first place, knowing he wouldn’t be able to be consistent for her.

Photo: Merie W. Wallace/HBO “Insecure” available on HBO and HBO NOW

Was Issa insensitive to his mental health issue?

There were so many people who really sympathized with Nathan, believing that he was dealing with some type of mental illness and couldn’t express that to Issa. So they felt she was cold or cruel in dismissing his undiagnosed or unexplained problem by calling it simply, “a bad mood.” Clearly, it was something more than that. But mental illness doesn’t absolve people of accountability to others.

Did you peep the growth?

She’s gon’ be all right.

Did you know Regina King was sitting in the Director’s chair?

She did her good work.

What did you think about the finale? What are you looking forward to in season 4?

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