Sounds About White: New York City Teacher Who Stepped On Students’ Backs In Slavery Lesson Suing Over Reverse Racism

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new york city teacher suing over reverse racism


New York City middle school teacher, Patricia Cummings maintains there was nothing offensive or racist about the methods she used to teach slavery to her eighth grade class that involved her stepping on the backs of black students.

The New York Daily News reports the incident that took place at in February at Middle School 118 involved Cummings picking out black students in the class and asking them to lie on the floor so she could step on their backs as a real-life lesson in what it felt like to live on a slave ship. Cummings was shortly suspended for the incident, but eventually was reassigned to another school with school officials stating it was the first incident that had taken place in her career.

Instead of taking her “L” (which actually wasn’t much of a loss seeing as though she was able to keep a paycheck and a job while black students were traumatized in a place that is supposed to be a safe space) and using it as an opportunity to be awakened and humbled, Cummings now feels that she was a victim of injustice and reverse racism. She intends to file a lawsuit in which her lawyer says she could receive up to $1 billion.

The news outlet reports Cummings has filed a notice of claim, filed in anticipation of a lawsuit, claiming that she is the real victim here of reverse discrimination, defamation, negligence and a litany of other claims. Cummings’ lawyer Tom Liotti shared exactly why his client has a case, stating injustice such as his client endured is why white parents are hesitant to send their kids to the school:

“It’s a scandal. There is blatant racism and reverse discrimination in the public schools of New York City. This is why white parents do not want to send their children there.”

“It’s no longer the blacks and minorities who are being discriminated against…It is discrimination against white teachers who are making great sacrifices to be there.”

Wait so now the white students are traumatized from seeing their White teacher disciplined for traumatizing their black coeds? What in the Alice in Wonderland “down the rabbit hole” hell?

Cummings is in turn stating her “teachable moment” should’ve been applauded instead of denounced and refutes claims that students were made to lay on the floor, stating they were simply asked to sit close to one another to reenact the “cramped conditions” on slave ships after showing students a brief clip of the movie Freedom.

New York Department of Education spokesperson Doug Cohen said that the investigation into the incident showed that at best Cummings’ behavior showed poor judgement even if her intentions were innocent. In a statement Cohen says officials are already elbows deep in the firing process of the teacher:

“We’ve begun the process of firing Ms. Cummings based on an investigation of this unacceptable behavior and her performance as an educator. We’ll review this baseless lawsuit.”

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