Skincare Splurge: Discover What Products You Really Need To Invest In For Healthy Skin

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The skin is the largest organ on our body; however, it’s often the most neglected. A healthy skincare routine is something you should begin as young as your teens and continue to evolve as you age. The beauty industry can be expensive and products can range as cheap as one dollar up to hundreds of dollars. With so many products on the market and skincare routines that range from 3 steps to 12+ (!!!) steps, it’s easy to spend some serious dough. However, you don’t have to blow all your hard earned money on your skin. You can save in some areas and splurge on others. Thanks to Dove, we had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Ingleton, an NYC based dermatologist that keeps many of our favorite black actresses not only looking youthful but also maintaining healthy skin. She explained, “You might spend a little more on that one item. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive cleanser and the most expensive sunscreen. Make that splurge item be the one that’s doing the work.” Want to know what your splurge item should be by age? Keep on reading below!

IN YOUR 20’s

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YES! You need a skincare routine in your 20’s. This is all about preventative measures. You might be on a serious budget in your 20’s, but a basic skincare routine includes a facial cleanser, a serum, and some kind of moisturizer with SPF in it. For your facial cleanser, we love Dove Dermaseries Face Wash ($6.89, Dr. Ingleton explained, “In your 20’s, I’m really big about learning to use a moisturizer with sun protection in it.” She adds, “at least SPF 30.” One moisturizer with SPF 30 that I love is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 ($31.00,

Do you need a facial in your 20’s? Dr. Ingleton explained how a facial is more like a deep cleaning and maintenance for your skin, “Don’t think of a facial like a therapy. It’s not going to fix anything. If you have acne or melasma or hyperpigmentation of any kind, a facial is not going to fix any of that.” While estheticians will suggest you should get facials monthly, Dr. Ingleton says every 2-3 months, “If you’re doing a proper cleaning at home, you can do it with the change of the seasons! When the Spring comes, get a nice deep cleaning, when the Summer comes, another one.” What an easy way to remember when to schedule your next facial.

IN YOUR 30’s

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Skincare in your 30’s, Dr. Ingleton shares that you should focus on and splurge on antioxidants. Antioxidants limit the production of free radicals, which can be damaging to your skin cells and show signs of aging. She admitted that a good antioxidant is going to run you $80+ dollars, “You’re probably going to go to a Sephora, Blue Mercury or Ulta, where you will find a higher grade product.” Almost $100 for an antioxidant? Yes, girl. Dr. Ingleton explains, “Antioxidants are famously destabilized by light. Many of these products if they are cheaply made for controlling costs, they are not going to be in the kind of packaging that’s appropriate for preserving the products. You’re gonna think you’re getting Vitamin C or whatever. However, you’re using it and not really getting the benefit because the product has destablized or there wasn’t enough of the ingredient in there to begin with and that’s why it’s so cheap.” Well, damn. Splurge on a proper antioxidant product now, so your skin isn’t paying for it later.

IN YOUR 40’s+

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Skincare in your 40’s is all about correction. Dr. Ingleton educated, “Splurge on something that’s going to correct the signs of aging that have already started to occur. So maybe a proper retinol cream or a proper alpha-hydroxy or fruit acid based cream.” However, it’s not just a one-stop shop. Visit a dermatologist so you can address your skin concerns and discover what you truly need. Dr. Ingleton explains, “Based on what your issue is, you can target and choose products that target whatever you are starting to see in your 40’s, but make it more corrective at that point. The correction can be directed to whatever you are seeing. One person may be seeing sagging, one person may be seeing fine lines. Another might be seeing hyperpigmentation. You pick what’s going to be necessary for you, but it should be corrective.”

Remember ladies, preventative in your 20’s and 30’s and corrective in your 40’s and on. Your entire skincare routine doesn’t have to be expensive, but depending on your age, invest in the products we mentioned above. What skin care products do you splurge on? Tell us the products and your age in the comment section!

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