Baby Safety Month: Preparing Your Home For A Little One

September 14, 2018  |  
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baby safety month woman watching baby daughter play with toy on carpet

It’s Baby Safety Month, and if you are expecting a new little one in the house then you’re probably doing everything you can to make your home little-one-proof. You, as an adult, may not even realize all of the hazards for babies that lurk around your home. They aren’t even really hazards for you because you walk upright, you have a strong, full-grown body, and you aren’t curious about every little object, corner, and edge the way a baby is. While, for the first six to ten months, you can count on your baby staying where you place her, after that time, she’ll start to crawl. And then there’s no knowing what sort of mischief she’ll get into. So it may be time to say goodbye to some of your trendy, designer coffee tables and other risky items. Here are ways to prepare your home for your little one during Baby Safety Month.

baby safety month bottle

Lock up medication

If anyone in the home has prescription medication, as well as over-the-counter items like Aspirin or Advil, make sure these are securely locked up. They can pose risks for adults in regular doses and can certainly do so for babies who eat a whole bottle. Childproof caps aren’t always what they claim to be, and babies will put anything in their mouths.

procrastination woman cleaning the kitchen counter, using kitchen cleaning product and sponge, wearing protective gloves.

Store cleaning products higher up

It’s time to relocate your cleaning products like bleach, Windex, and various sprays. Either move these to a high shelf that a baby cannot reach, or lock the cabinets that contain such items.

baby safety month table

Cover sharp corners on coffee tables

Inspect your home for sharp corners. You may have some around low coffee tables, desks, or nightstands. Cover these with bumpers. If there are too many to count, put up gates at the entryways to rooms that contain this furniture, and keep baby out.

baby safety month outlet

Cover outlets

Electrical outlets are just at the perfect height to entice a baby’s wandering fingers. Make sure to put childproof covers over outlets.

baby safety month Asian mother pointing to her toddler son who is peering over a safety gate into the kitchen.

Put gates over stairs

Put gates at the tops and bottoms of stairways. You may want to consider self-closing ones so you don’t need to worry about guests forgetting to shut these.

baby safety month hand planting flowers in pot with dirt or soil.

Pick up plants

Babies might try to chew on plants, or even eat the dirt in your planters. Take plants away for now, or keep them all in a room that is closed off to the baby.

baby safety month in the sand on the beach

Add a no-shoes rule

Now that you have a munchkin crawling around on the floor (and licking the floor, and putting her face on the floor) you should probably instate a no-shoes rule in the house. You don’t want guests dragging germs in.

baby safety month

Nail down top-heavy furniture

Curious babies may tug at handles, drawers, and other items that could send a bookshelf toppling over. Nail down any top-heavy furniture so there is no chance of it budging.

baby safety month toys

Get rid of some pet toys

If you have pets, take a look at the tags on their toys. Some may say things like, “Not safe for children under three years of age.” Remove all small pet toys that a baby may try to put in her mouth.

baby safety month being charged

Consolidate cords

Pick up and consolidate cords around your house. Between floor fans, printers, lamps, and appliances, you probably have a lot of cords lying around that a baby may try to chew on, or could become tangled up in.

baby safety month with fire burning

Cover the fireplace

If you have a fireplace, add a shield over it so a baby doesn’t try crawling in. Also keep the area around it clean of debris, charcoal, wood splinters, or other items that can fly out of the fireplace.

baby safety month heater

Adjust your water heater

Adjust your home water heater to reach no more than 125 degrees Farrenheit. You don’t want to accidentally scald a baby’s sensitive skin.

baby safety month in a bath tub

Cover the bath spout

Wherever you bathe baby—whether that’s a tub or a kitchen sink—add soft covers to the spouts. These can be surprisingly sharp, and hurt a baby who hits her head on them.

baby safety month shot of a young married couple cooking together in the kitchen at home

Add a stove guard

Add a stove guard to prevent hot pans or pots from falling over. And, remember to always turn handles away from the edge of the stove so toddlers cannot reach them.

baby safety month wooden doorstop made of pine is being used to wedge open a door. The door is an older style and the floor is timber / wood.

Install doorstops

Install doorstops to protect your baby from shoving her fingers into a shutting door. If you don’t have too many doorways inside your home, you could also prop doors open, and add gates in the meantime.

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