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As we’re approaching the final quarter of the year, it could be a good time to take stock of how last year’s New Year’s Resolutions shook out for you. Or, if you didn’t make any then, you could make some now to close the year out strong. In fact, I think the reason people make New Year’s Resolutions is because, around this time of year, it dawns on them to maybe make this or that improvement but they think, “Meh—it’s almost the New Year. May as well wait.” But then you enter the New Year actually feeling guilty. I know I have a list of things I’ve been trying to get better at this year, from personal, self-reflection goals to how I interact with others. My success ebbs and flows but I’d really like to close out 2018 feeling (mostly) proud of who I am. Here are some self-improvement goals to close out the end of the year strong.

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Do more for the homeless

You can’t always give money away, but I’m trying to get into the habit of asking myself is there something I can do for this person? Do I have a water bottle in the car for him? Am I going into a gas station now where I can buy him a banana?

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Meditate daily

Ironically, I often tell myself that I don’t have time to meditate. But the focus and clarity that comes from meditation makes me do a better job at everything I do all day, so I don’t have to go back and fix mistakes. That, actually, saves me time.

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Make more plans with friends

Rather than thinking, “I haven’t seen this friend for SO long—huh” and moving on with my day, I’m trying to pick up my phone and text that friend, right then, asking when we can hang out next.

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Put away more for retirement

Even just fifty dollars a month more will go a long way. That’s $600 a year. If I add that to my Roth IRA, or increase it via contributions to a 401K, it will grow. Two less meals out a month will do the trick.

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Drink a little less

I don’t really need to have a drink every night of the week. I’m aiming to reserve alcohol more for weekends or social occasions, rather than just impulsively pouring a glass of wine every night when I eat dinner.

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Don’t talk badly of others

Just because I think or notice something negative about somebody, doesn’t mean I need to say it—not to that person, and not about them, to others. If it isn’t constructive criticism, then it’s just petty.

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Don’t compare yourself

I’m trying to turn on my blinders when it comes to comparing myself to others. Doing so never gets me anywhere. It either depletes my sense of self-worth or inflates it to an unhealthy point.

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Give compliments

If I think of something nice to say, I’m trying to remind myself to say it. Every time someone compliments me it makes me so happy, and gives me a more positive outlook on life. I should do the same for others.

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Bring bags to the store

For goodness sake, I need to get on top of this. I shouldn’t be creating more litter. It’s so easy to just buy a few reusable bags that I like and keep them in my car. It’s an easy way to save money at the market.

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Give your pet more special outings

I have a dog, and I’m trying to make sure that at least once a week, she gets a special outing. Not just another regular, walk around the block but, a trip to a nice park, beach, or doggy play date.

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Not articles online—books. Reading does a lot of good things for your brain, including providing alone time that Internet reading doesn’t (you know you get distracted by social media).

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Get off social media

Speaking of social media, how much do we really need to be on there? Unless you need it for your business, you probably could spend less time on there where things like comparing and criticism occur.

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Don’t judge

Try not to get caught up in judging people. If you can’t do anything about their bad behavior, don’t just sit around, making them out to be evil in your head. You never know what battle someone is secretly fighting.

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Call your mom (and fam) more

Your mom is likely the one who is most on your case about calling more, so call her more. Don’t get annoyed that she wants that; be happy you have someone who loves to hear from you.

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Walk when you can

Take the stairs. Walk to the pharmacy. Walk to the neighborhood bar. Find a walkable restaurant for date night. Walk your pup to the coffee shop.

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