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I make most of my meals at home—a habit that I thought was saving me a lot of money. But I had a reality check moment when I looked over my credit card statements for the last few months and realized that, I had actually spent more on food the months I’d made more trips to the grocery store, rather than just picking things up from delis or fast food spots. That couldn’t be right. I refused to become someone who just started buying all my meals pre-made. I like cooking everything from scratch. I like controlling which ingredients go into my food, and I like having a stocked fridge, so that I can play with various recipes. I had to take a hard look at the way I was grocery shopping because clearly I was doing something wrong. Making all of your meals at home should save you money, but it may not if you don’t know how to shop. Here are ways you’re wasting money at the grocery store.

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Buying anything at the front of the store

Don’t grab anything at the front of the store. This might be where you find corn on the cob, already de-husked, cut into smaller chunks, and wrapped in saran wrap. Or beautifully cut spheres of watermelon. But these are tremendously more expensive than what you’d find if you ventured to the back of the store, and got the full ears of corn or whole watermelons. Everything in the front of the store is a price gouge so just keep walking.

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