I Wish Cardi Was Secure In Her Relationship, So She Could Stop Trying To Convince Us It’s Stable

August 27, 2018  |  

Cardi B


It’s no secret that Cardi and Offset’s relationship has had its problems. In fact, Cardi has told us about said problems. And even if she hadn’t, there was video evidence of some of his shenanigans. But they’ve moved past that. They’re working on their marriage and raising their daughter Kulture, who was born over six weeks ago, which means that Cardi has been medically cleared to engage in sexual activity again.

The rapper previously shared her excitement about this date. And apparently, this past weekend was the time. Cardi decided to commemorate the occasion with a suggestive Instagram story.

When people saw the video, tongues wagged and fingers hit keypads as folks tried to dissect what we’d just witnessed. People thought that he’d “fingered” her and that was just a bit too much for social media. When I first saw it, my mind didn’t go there. But after reading other people’s comments, I wondered if I was being naive. In general, I just didn’t think much of it. This is how Cardi gets down, she’s the queen of overshare. I saw it and moved on. But other people took a different approach and took to social media to let people know how tacky the video was.

And for as much as Cardi likes to share, she’s not always open to the opinions from others. And she responded to the backlash.

“Let me tell y’all how people have been eating me up all day on Twitter because supposedly I put this video with my man playing with me. First of all, I had leather pants on. He was just rubbing me and sh*t and it’s just like so… da f*ck? Ima post what I want to f*cking post. It’s my n*gga and I want to m*therf*cking post it.

At the end of the day, it’s like, ‘Nothing is private any more uhh uhh uhh.’ Y’all acting like y’all give a f*ck about privacy. Y’all was harassing me the whole time I was pregnant for me to tell y’all that I was motherf*cking pregnant. Motherf*ckers digged up my gotdamn marriage certificate so why are y’all acting like y’all give a f*ck about damn privacy.

‘Oh my gosh why are you letting your man do that?’ Because that’s my man and I wasn’t literally getting finger popped at the moment. I wish I was because a hoe was horny as f*ck. And at the end of the day, it’s my n*gga. I don’t give a f*ck. I’m a freak ass b*tch. I rap about nasty sh*t so why are you surprised?

I was looking at the comments, right? People will never be satisfied. Let’s say if I go a month and people don’t see me with Offset or let’s say if my man don’t post me and I don’t post him, people will be like, ‘Offset don’t give a f*ck about his girl because he never posts her.’ But when he do post me, people be on some, ‘Why are you posting her? You’re a cheater. You’re still cheating on her.’

Y’all seen some cheating sh*t around December. N*ggas did they dirt and ever since then, people want to use that cheating sh*t all the time like if your stepfather don’t be cheating on your moms every single, motherf*cking day. Y’all got no proof. Mind you, I’m the one that live with this n*gga and I’m the one that got this n*gga password. Yes, I do got passwords to all his three phones. But y’all the ones that know he’s playing me. Yeah. Cuz y’all must have a motherf*cking camera on the tip of his dick. It’s annoying. I cannot even live my life for y’all. Y’all will never be satisfied so that’s why I got to do sh*t that makes me motherf*cking happy.”

Like I told y’all, the video itself didn’t bother me. It’s not something I would have done but Lord knows I’ve seen more than my fair share of couples and their public displays of affection on social media. And Cardi is young. Fine. But this IG Live video is sad. Because as much as Cardi says she can’t live for us, this is exactly what she’s doing with these in-depth explanations about her decision to post this risque video. It highlights the insecurities she has about her relationship and if I had to guess, I would assume it’s those fears that have her in her feelings more than the backlash. While Cardi’s ascension has been swift, I know she recognizes the magnitude of her platform. She knows people are watching and since they are, she should also know that folks will have something to say about whatever she does. Her job is to be so good with whatever she posts and the reason she posts it, that the opinions of others either don’t matter or she doesn’t take the time to seek them out.

There’s a good chance that Cardi posted this video of she and Offset to send a message to anyone who may be interested in him, the groupies, the people who’ve speculated that their relationship is in jeopardy, that Offset is still cheating. In which case, she is living her life for the people. She’s letting them dictate the type of things she shares on social media. Personally, if I hadn’t been able to have sex with my man, my husband, my baby daddy for six weeks, wouldn’t be no videos and I certainly wouldn’t have been on social media to see what folks had to say about what we were doing. We got things to do that don’t involve y’all…at all. But Cardi did involve us and then got mad when people had something to say about it.

I know it probably sucks to have strangers bring up your man’s infidelity every time the two of you are seen together, but his cheating was exposed publicly. As sick as it sounds, people know that while Offset likely won’t ever say anything about this to the media, they approach Cardi because they know she’ll talk about it. Cardi has explained time and again that she’s forgiven him and she’s not leaving because she doesn’t want to start over with someone who will just do the exact same thing. Her choice. As she said, there are millions of women who are doing the same thing. What millions of women aren’t doing though, is continuing to rationalize and explain the decision to stay. Or explain the measures they’ve taken to feel comfortable in the relationship. Having passwords to three phones and sharing that tidbit speaks to fact that she’s still unsure–which is understandable. But more than that, she wants to prove to us, the fans, that they really are good now because she has access to his phones. It doesn’t prove anything. It just shows that she’s working over time to make us believe. When at the end of the day, the only people who need to believe in their relationship are Offset and Cardi.

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