What To Buy At A Thrift Store For National Thrift Store Day

August 17, 2018  |  
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It’s National Thrift Shop Day! So put that Macklemore song on your headphones and head to your nearest Goodwill, Salvation Army, or lesser-known second-hand store that you love. I love thrift shopping. If I see one nearby while I’m…waiting for my takeout order to be ready or my car to be washed…I have to stop in. I can’t not find out what treasures are inside. I’ve picked up an Escada skirt for eight dollars at a thrift store. I purchased a suede, knee-length coat for twenty dollars at a thrift store. I’ve even found Stuart Weitzman heels at a thrift store! So when boujee people tell me that they “don’t do thrift stores” I just know they’re missing out (and that perhaps I can’t be friends with them). Oh well—more for me! It’s a shame to pay the department store price when there are so many gems in thrift stores. Here are things you should always look to a thrift store for, first.

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If you’re just after some vibrant, quirky pieces to add personality to your home, hit up a thrift store. They’re full of fun artwork—and, if you get lucky, or have an eye for it, you may even find a collector’s item.

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If your pots and pans have seen better days, try a thrift store. Make sure to examine the sets you find for scratches—of course—but you may find a barely used set for under ten dollars. You know a full set, with three sizes of pans, can be fifty to eighty dollars in a department store.

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Did you know you can find some real silver silverware in thrift stores? A lot of people don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to a pawn shop and seeing what they can get for an old set, so they just donate them.

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Looking to round out your coffee table book collection? Or fill up those bookshelves to look a little more, um, philosophical? You don’t even need to go to a used book store—they’ll charge you more than a thrift store will. If you’re willing to dig, you can find limited edition literature treasures in a thrift store.

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Wood furniture

Even stores that sell “refurbished” wooden furniture still charge you an arm and a leg for the pieces. Meanwhile, you can find gorgeous wooden furniture in a thrift store. And as for the “weathered” or “antiqued” look you pay a pretty penny for at other stores—you can just do that yourself with some sand paper and paint.



People move, or renovate their kitchens, all the time. And when they do, they tend to cycle out most of their old dishware for new sets that match their new digs. So you can find some pretty adorable plate and bowl sets at thrift stores for close to nothing.

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If you are always looking to expand your vinyl record collection, check a thrift store before a record store—yup, even before a used record store. You can find records for just a few dollars at thrift stores. Their staff doesn’t price them based on how rare they are, the way used record stores do.

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I could spend a full hour trying on all the jewelry in a thrift store. This is an area where, in my opinion, thrift stores really shine. Jewelry doesn’t really go through much wear and tear. It’s not like clothing that we stretch every time we put it on, or furniture that we sit on. I’ve even found gold and silver jewelry in thrift stores.

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Sunglasses are another item that, like jewelry, can be in pretty good condition at a thrift store. And you can find name brand pairs for seven to fifteen dollars.

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Never go to an actual costume store for a costume. Costume stores charge you anywhere from forty to a hundred dollars for a full costume! Meanwhile, you can find those same costumes, used, at the thrift store for ten bucks. Or, you can make your own costume with various pieces from the thrift store.

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Photo frames

Looking for a way to store your precious prints? There are usually tons of lovely photo frames, and albums, at thrift stores. They just sat on someone’s shelf, barely touched for years, and are in mint condition.

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Don’t buy bundles of clothing hangers new at a department store. These are items that we break and lose so often that it’s just not worth it. Buy them at a thrift store for next to nothing.

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You know that a new, fully equipped toolbox can cost hundreds of dollars. But you can patch together your own one at a thrift store for a fraction of the cost.

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Kitchen appliances

Blenders, toasters, crock pots—I’ve seen them all at thrift stores. And the staff doesn’t mind if you plug them in right there in the store to confirm that they’re working.

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Maternity clothes

You go through maternity clothes so quickly and then never need them again (except for your next pregnancy, but that’s it). So pick up some cute maternity clothes at a thrift store.

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