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She Said Yes is a bi-weekly column on MadameNoire that highlights the moment “girlfriend” becomes “fiancee.” This week, we are featuring Lindsay & Keenan and their creative engagement photo shoot that pays homage to Black family sitcom, Black-ish. Fitting concept for these two artists and creatives. Photos by Chris Fox-Kelly @cfkphotography

The Bride:

Lindsay Waddell (@ellemariesays)

The Groom:
Keenan Scott II (@keenanthemuse)

Wedding date/location?

5/4/19 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Wedding hashtag ideas?

#FindingForever #TheUniverse #ScottsHill #GreatScotts

How long have you been together?

We met in 2014. The soft launch was 2015. The grand opening was 2016. I wanted to be sure that I was ready and that he was going to be my last boyfriend. So I insisted we take our time and he was the most patient perfect gentleman the entire journey.

Describe how you all met.

My sorority sister was dating her now husband, and I saw how great of man he was to her. So I said, “Sis where are his friends?” She went through her mental rolodex and landed on Keenan.  I said, “Great, Keenan it is. Let’s meet Keenan.”

They arranged for us to meet at a fight party, Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II. I love boxing so I was so totally here for this party first and then meeting Keenan, second. When he finally arrived to the party late, I tossed a strong drink in his hand and told him I’d be with him when the fight was over. I wanted to see if he could handle a strong drink and socializing on his own, but really I wanted to focus on the fight. After multiple attempts from other party goers to get my attention, his friend told him he’d better make a move on me before one of the other guys did. So he came and sat next me and tried to keep my attention but I was so engaged in this fight, I almost ignored his conversation. When the fight was over, I came up for air for what was the beginning of one of the best conversations I’d ever have with any man in my life.

When did you know he was “the one?”
I knew he was the one when I called myself teaching him a lesson after a disagreement by avoiding talking to him. The plan back fired and I was the one who was actually love sick and missing him. I ended up teaching myself a bigger lesson in the process. I couldn’t play with love, I was either in or out.

How did he propose?

It was his birthday weekend and I was taking him to dinner. He asked if before dinner we could swing by a social event event for his upcoming play (he’s a playwright) and greet some peers. I told him yes, as long as I was with him we could go anywhere.

Prior to the event we went and got matching African Adinkra tattoos, the symbol for commitment. I actually got a message from one of my friends about having an Adinkra symbol as well. When I went to research the one she had, I saw the tattoo had more than one meaning. So, I wanted to discover if there were additional meanings of Keenan’s and mine. We discovered there was another meaning and it was the most amazing coincidence ever.

As the day pressed on we went to the theatre district and entered a building not far from Times Square. I didn’t notice a crowd or any chatter upon entering ,so I wasn’t sure if we were in the right place. Keenan and I went up some stairs and were greeted by a young lady who asked us to follow her. We walked into an empty theatre and there were roses with two programs in the seats. My fiancé produced a short play of our love story he wrote with three scenes: Scene 1. When we first met at a fight party where he dramatized how I was glued to the fight on TV and I slightly ignored him. Scene 2. One drunken St. Patrick’s day where we dared each other to skip out on the bill (this is where he said he knew I was a real one). Final Scene: Scene 3 was about my fear of falling in love again and him comforting my fears and confirming he was here to stay and not only love me but my daughter as well. He took the stage after the actors bowed dropped to one knee and nervously recited his profession of his love and asked me to be his wife. I paused and with all the joy in my heart answered, “Yes.”

Oh and remember that additional meaning I was telling you about to the Adinkra commitment symbol? Well turns out, “Me Ware Wo”, translates to: “I shall marry you.” From the expression “No one rushes into the job of mixing the concrete for building the house of marriage”. Unbeknownst to us, this symbol represented this patient love we grew and nutured to build our foundation of love that we have today.


How did you come up with your engagement shoot concept?

We definitely wanted to go with something that was uncommon from the usual outdoors little house on prairie field of dreams vibe. We both love tv and film and good writing. So it spawned out of a love for our black culture, fused with us binge watching ABC’s Grown-ish from our DVR, and supporting Black entertainment. We had to do it for the culture. And oddly enough, our nod to these well-written and robust shows, Black-ish and Grown-ish that express a grey area of cultural and age related experiences. We are in just that, that grey transitional area of being single and married: engaged-ish.


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