Why You Should Embrace Your Post-Baby Body

August 3, 2018  |  
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I get that there’s a whole market out there that targets new moms hoping to get their pre-baby body back. And I understand that that market may not love what I’m about to say but: what if moms just…didn’t try to get their pre-baby body back? What if they learned to love their post-baby body? I have a couple of mommy friends who really just ditched the whole idea that they needed to get their body back to the way it was, before they had children and, honestly, they seem happier than my friends who are nearly killing themselves in these workout boot camps and spin classes, all to erase the evidence that their bodies did something pretty awesome. If you want to be in a certain shape regardless of having a child, that’s one thing. But if you feel like you need to return to the way things were pre-baby in order to feel successful, that’s just silly. Here is why moms should accept their post-baby bodies more.


Your body did something great

That new body is evidence of something so amazing that your body did. Maybe your hips will be a bit broader and your breasts a bit saggier but, that’s because those parts of you did something incredible! Don’t be ashamed of the physical aftermath. Those are your badges of honor.


Your partner loves it

I bet your partner loves your post-baby body. That’s the body that made literally the greatest miracle that ever came into his life. If you’re worried about changing for him, I can almost promise you he doesn’t need you to.


Our bodies are always changing

We have to let go of this idea of striving to keep our body one certain way forever. Remember puberty? And then those college years when your metabolism slowed down? Now it’s post-baby time. Later it will be menopause. Our bodies evolve throughout the phases of our lives. And that’s okay. Stop chasing the past.


You’re cranky enough

You already are low on sleep and rather cranky from motherhood. You don’t need to add to that a 5am wakeup call for some spin class and a juice cleanse that turns you into a grumpy monster.


And you’re low on time

You can either spend a little extra time snuggling with your kids (or making some intimate time for you and your partner) or you can spend that extra, horrible hour on the treadmill. Hmmm…the choice seems obvious.


You are post-baby

You are post-baby! You’re not pre-baby! It seems counterintuitive to try to have a pre-baby body when you’re a post-baby mama.


You’re gorgeous

Those things that you think are a “problem” like broader hips and slightly softer arms—a lot of cultures actually believe those are gorgeous. Those are the traits that denote a nurturing, maternal, open, loving body.


You need your nutrients

Whether you’re still breastfeeding or you’re chasing a toddler around, you need your calories! If you go on a strict diet, you risk extreme fatigue. You are getting a workout just by keeping tabs on your kids.


Set an example for your kids

Do you want your child to see you obsessing over your body image? He or she is so easy to influence. If you embrace your body, then you can encourage your child to do the same.


You should be worshiping your body

Your body just created a human. You should be worshiping it with massages and baths and your favorite foods—not punishing it.


It’s okay to be a woman

Perky breasts, small butts, no hips, and tiny tummies—those are features for teens. You’re a woman. You earned your womanhood. Show it proudly.


It should be your decision

Ultimately, how your body looks after having a baby should be your decision. But this “post-baby body” phrase has infiltrated the workout and diet world so much that, it’s gotten into women’s subconscious that they must return to their pre-baby body. But what if it’s not about pre or post baby? What if it’s just this is where you are now.


We shouldn’t feed a fear-based market

Maybe women shouldn’t patronize a fear-based market—one that tells us that something is wrong with us, or that we’ve failed in some way, if we don’t turn back the hands of time and make our bodies look as if they didn’t make children. Wanting to be in shape is great but maybe we can do away with the whole “pre-baby” concept. You’re post-baby and proud to have had a baby, right?


Be present

Look the truth is that, if you eat healthy and exercise, your body will work things out and get to where it’s supposed to be. Don’t dedicate most of your time and thoughts to making it a certain way as soon as possible. That stands in the way of you being present for the amazing experience of motherhood.


You’ll inspire others

If you embrace your post-baby body, then you’ll inspire other moms to do the same. You could start a movement!

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