The Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants

July 27, 2018  |  
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If you ever sit in a home or office that you found particularly calming, energizing, or uplifting, take a look around—consider what about the space is contributing to those positive emotions. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found that they contain some form of nature, whether that’s a painting of flowers, a photograph of a natural landscape, or actual plants. Humans weren’t meant to be surrounded by cement, drywall, and pavement. We have to remember that, for as long as people have been on this planet, we spent more time surrounded by greenery than by skyscrapers. Cityscapes are relatively young in the scope of human history. We evolved to take in sounds, images, and smells of the wild. It’s important to our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. So here are the benefits of keeping indoor plants. coworker

Better air

During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. When humans breathe, we take in oxygen, and release carbon dioxide. It’s actually the perfect symbiotic relationship. Having plants in your home can improve the quality of oxygen. working on clay sculpture in art class

Creativity burst

Simply looking at nature can inspire creativity. It breaks up usual thinking patterns, and can help you access parts of your brain that you don’t typically access. If you’re dealing with writer’s block or coming up with that next great idea, consider adding a plant to your creative space. couple taking a break from hiking backpacking

Inspiration to get out

If you bring a little nature into your life when you can’t get outdoors, you might feel inspired to actually get into nature during your free time. Indoor plants keep things like nature walks and hikes on your radar. woman with beret sniffing flowers at a florist shop.

Color stimulation

Various colors can improve your mood and mental state in several ways. Red can be invigorating. Yellow can be calming. You can get these colors around you in natural ways, via plants. ardening

Witnessing growth

Just seeing the way a plant grows—from a tiny seed into a beautiful plant—is pretty incredible. If you’re ever wondering how your kernel of an idea will blossom into a completed project or successful business, just watch a seed turn into a basil plant. snipping flowers

Thinking about life cycles

A little perspective is always a good thing, especially when you are stressed, feeling impatient about progress in life and work, or just struggling with gratitude. We are, really, all pretty small. We’re just occupying this space on earth for a moment. Seeing the brief and fragile life cycle of a plant helps remind us of that. plant pots being placed in planter box. Los Angeles, America. October 2016

Gardening is meditative

If you choose to have a small garden in your home—like an herb garden on your window sill or a larger one on your balcony—then you can reap some of the benefits of gardening, one of which being that it’s quite meditative. African women with her houseplants

Prevents dryness

Plants release water into the air and can be great for places where the air is too dry. If you have a hard time breathing due to low humidity, consider adding plants. bringing mother flowers in hospital

They’re calming

Plants can have wonderful calming properties. Studies have found that patients who stay in hospital rooms that have plants request medication less, have lower blood pressure, and can even heal sooner. talking in window of office lobby

Better focus

Research has found that offices containing greenery have employees who are happier, and more productive than minimalistic spaces. of an attractive young woman using an asthma pump in the bathroom at home

Remove formaldehyde

If you’re struggling with a runny nose, watery eyes, a sore throat, or skin irritation, there could be an excess of formaldehyde in the air. Luckily plants like spider plant and dragon tree can remove that from the air. race woman rolling luggage on city sidewalk

Reduce background noise

Did you know that having plants around can actually reduce background noise, like that from traffic or the city bustle and hustle? It’s true! So if sounds are distracting you, put some plants in your office.

Home grown herbs

If you keep some potted herbs in your kitchen, then you’ll always have fresh, home grown herbs. That could lead you to use less salt, and more health-improving herbs. on couch with dog

Pet prep

If you’ve never taken care of anything, then a plant is a good start. Women considering getting a pet should probably see if they can keep a plant alive, first. afro american woman smelling at a lavender flower, wearing tanktop with with ethnic styled embroidrey, outdoos in garden at a sunny summer day


Depending on which plants you choose to keep around, you could reap some aromatherapy benefits, too. Eucalyptus, rosemary, basil, and mint are all wonderfully invigorating smells.

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