For National All Or Nothing Day: Give These Things 100 Percent

July 26, 2018  |  
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It’s National All Or Nothing Day. I think that might be—dare I say it—one of the most important days of the year. It really embodies a trait of the heroes we celebrate on other holidays. If anyone has a day named after them, it’s because they went after their goals and dreams with an “All or nothing” mentality. We shouldn’t only live like that on this day, but rather, we should live like that on all days. But today is a good opportunity to take stock of how you’ve been living. Are you satisfied with your efforts? Do you go to bed at night, feeling content that you gave the most important areas of your life your fullest attention? How are things progressing for you? If some things are lagging, it could be because you’re just half*ssing it. On All or Nothing Day, here are things you should give 100 percent to.

Being reliable

If being reliable is important to you, remember that trust takes years to build and seconds to break. Lying, flaking, or cheating just once makes people who used to trust you lose all trust, and stop believing they can count on you. There isn’t much room for error here. of friends enjoying tea at cool teashop


Be a great listener. If somebody needs to talk to you about something important, and now isn’t a good time, tell them so, and plan a time you can fully listen, rather than only half-listening at the wrong time. It’s better to postpone a conversation, so you can be fully present in it, than have an important conversation at the wrong time. shot of two beautiful young women friends posing in nature in bathing suits


When loyalty goes in any kind of relationship, what do you really have? Be there for your family in times of crisis—no matter how hectic or crazy your social life or career are. Be there for people when they need you. Keep in mind that most things can be rescheduled or postponed, in favor of being loyal to friends and family. In other words, be at the funeral or wedding rather than that pitch meeting. and daughter

Keeping priorities straight

Really consider where your priorities lie, and think about those every day. Always have those in the front of your mind when you plan each day, and make decisions. Remember that actions speak louder than words. If you say that, for example, family is your top priority, then you have to show that by sometimes making sacrifices. creative African American woman taking notes while reading an e-mail on desktop PC in the office. The view is through glass.

Your passion

If you are passionate about something, make time for it every day—or at least several times a week. Whether that’s creating art or volunteering, look at your calendar at the beginning of each week, and schedule it. Don’t let other things you think you need (like shopping or gym time) get in the way. smiling young woman enjoying picnic with friends on sunny beach

Moments of indulgence

When it’s time to indulge, indulge. Be present in your massage or yoga class or vacation. You’ve earned your rest, and rest is important to having energy in times of action. Don’t feel guilty when you rest or indulge. You’re serving the rest of your life when you do it. exfoliating doing skincare

Skin care

If you’re going to take good care of your skin, go for it all the way. Putting on sunscreen only half the days of the week, or only washing your face half the nights before going to bed, is like not doing it at all. You see results when you commit to skincare all the way. descent grandmother or mother and daughter work together in their home kitchen to prepare vegetables for making a healthy salad. They toss ingredients in glass bowl


Why drink green juice every day if you’re just going to eat fast food with it? Why schedule your checkups if you’re going to lie to your doctor about your habits? If you commit to your health full-heartedly, your body will reward you. of happy business people having fun while toasting with alcohol at the outdoor party.

Celebrating others

Celebrate your loved ones’ accomplishments and celebrate them fully! Think of how hard they worked for those, and think of how you’d want your loved ones to respond if you accomplished that same thing. Make sure your loved ones feel as incredible as they are. in rain boots

Always growing

Always think about self-growth. Always reflect on your mistakes, and think of what you can do different next time. When you’ve made someone feel hurt or angry, consider that maybe, at least part of it, is your fault. strong woman thinking

Your purpose

What’s your purpose? What mark do you hope to leave on this earth? What do you want to put out into the world every day? Do your actions and words align with that? Think of your overall purpose, over the immediate feeling or impulse. of Black women hugging on city sidewalk


It’s better to have a small circle of good friends, with whom you can spend a lot of time and really bond, than to have a lot of sort-of-friends. Don’t let months go by without seeing your good friends. Make plans. Book the girls’ weekend. If you don’t do it today, when will you? and grandma have a tea party game with kids and stuff animals


Remember that your family will be there for you no matter what. Don’t abuse that. Don’t squander that. Be there in return, for them. You could lose that job, that status, or that money, but you’ll always have your family. Remember that before skipping the family reunion for a networking trip. on the phone


Say what you mean, and don’t leave room for interpretation. Think of what you need out of an interaction, and make sure the things you say will help you achieve that. Choose to speak your truth, rather than hold it in to spare someone’s feelings. But also ask yourself if something hurtful is productive, before saying it. Sometimes we need to say hurtful things, but only if they’re in the pursuit of a time of peace. confident woman standing alone


Set boundaries and stick to them. If you don’t share personal information about your family or relationship with strangers, stick to that—no matter how much someone tries to guilt you into not sticking to that. If you don’t want to reschedule with someone who flakes on you several times, don’t give into their request for a new time slot.

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