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I have a few single mom friends and, it just amazes me how often strangers think they can be up in their business. Maybe people feel sympathetic for single moms, and believe that their curiosity comes off as caring but, it really can just come off as nosy and even judgmental. I mean, aren’t we at a place yet when it doesn’t have to be such a big deal to see a mom raising a child on her own? Aren’t we over the whole nuclear family thing? It’s still nice if it works for you but, haven’t we given up on the idea that it has to be that way? It’s not like nuclear families are always flawless, anyways. Honestly—I think that if my parents had divorced much earlier (they were unhappy for, like, a decade) it would have actually been good for my sister and me. No formula is perfect, but there is one that society seems to have a lot to say about. Here are annoying comments single moms somehow still get.


Did he leave you?

Why do people presume that a single mom is a single mom because, at one point, there was a daddy on board for the ride who just decided to hop off? Maybe she never wanted the dad in the picture in the first place. Or, maybe he is around somewhere, and she maintains some communication for the sake of the child.

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