“I Thought The B**ch Was White” Roseanne Barr Continues To Forget Shutting The Hell Up Is Free And Defends Racist Remarks

July 21, 2018  |  

roseanne thought valerie jarrett was white


Most of us are taking some much-needed advice from comedian Lil’ Duval and living our best lives, not going back and forth with toxic people. We’re barbecuing, finding coupons for our pharmacy purchases, cutting grass and selling bottled water and making the most of our summer. Meanwhile we’re not giving a second thought to the folks like #PermitPatty, #BBQBecky, #CouponCarl and namely the 90’s sitcom disgrace that is comedian Roseanne Barr who can’t handle us getting our entire lives. Barr was canceled literally and figuratively after taking to Twitter and likening President Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett to an ape. Barr went on to blame her rants on being under the influence of Ambien (and apparently appears to be under the influence of either bat ish crazy or plain racism in the video below) but it wasn’t enough to keep the ABC network from showing her reboot the door only a few weeks after its premiere.

Vulture reports that Barr has repeatedly promised to go away and put raisins in potato salad in silence somewhere and no longer do interviews regarding her comments and the show’s cancellation. But you know, narcissists of a political feather, flock together and like the carrot-colored White House resident who specializes in collusion she stans for she continues to take opportunities to put the spotlight back on her instead of letting us move on to some better must-see TV (I mean really, besides John Goodman was Roseanne ever really THAT good?). In the past few days Barr has uploaded clips to Youtube for those who would like to continue to witness the crazy and in the last few minutes of one clip she screams into the camera stating that all this controversy stems from a simple misunderstanding:

“I thought the b**ch was white! Goddamnit! I thought the b**ch was white! F**k!”

In a later video, presented as her official statement on her thoughts on the issue which we honestly stopped caring about less than 5 seconds after it happened, she appears more composed but maintains she was mistaken about Jarrett’s race. Barr explains that she thought the administration aide was white, and that she offered to explain that on any ABC show. She goes to on to share that her show was prematurely canceled before even one advertiser pulled out and that she is being punished for her political beliefs:

“It’s because I voted for Donald Trump, and that is not allowed in Hollywood.”

Seriously? Shouldn’t she be more worried about getting her order in for that fake face lift tape that moves your wrinkles to the back of your neck? Isn’t there some chicken sitting somewhere that she could be not seasoning instead of trying to force these tired explanations down everyone’s throats? You can devote no more than one minute of your life to watching the rant below, and then promise me you’ll throw on some Frankie Beverly and take shot of Hennessy and sit back in your greatness:

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