Eve Will Not Wear Jean Shorts “In Front Of People I Don’t Know” And I Can Totally Relate

July 18, 2018  |  


What’s the one thing you’re not comfortable wearing out in the world? If you’re lucky enough to say nothing, kudos to you, sis. You’re bad.

But if you’re like rapper and The Talk co-host Eve, it’s probably shorts.

The 39-year-old told her co-hosts this week that you won’t catch her out in shorts, jean shorts specifically, because she doesn’t feel so confident about going out in front of people with possible attention on her backside.

“I’m least confident, and it’s more physical — I will not wear jean shorts in front of people I don’t know,” she said as the panel looked confused.

“Y’all have not seen my booty naked, child,” she said in response to the confusion. “It’s my area, it’s just the area that is just… *shakes head*

Guest co-host Tichina Arnold tried to reassure Eve that she “has a bangin’ body,” and while Eve didn’t disagree, she just said that there are things about her behind that she is not comfortable enough putting on display.

“You have not seen it in shorts!” she said. “I like my body, it’s just this one chunk a chunk. It’s a piece of chunk back there, girl, that doesn’t want to move.”

This probably sounds completely ridiculous, but it is relatable. Glamour did a survey of 300 women of all sizes back in 2011, and 43 percent said “they targeted specific areas” of their body with negativity, most commonly the stomach and the thighs. And 97 percent of the women (pretty much almost all surveyed) admitted they went through at least one “I hate my body” moment in the day.

I’ve been there. Literally like a month ago, walking the streets in jean shorts on a hot day.

I personally don’t feel as comfortable as I would like in shorts these days because of the fact that they ride up. And while I do think my thighs could be more toned in them, another major reason is because of the ogling of my behind that happens with men on these New York streets when I do wear them (or anything else honestly). It can be a bit much. So much that at times I end up feeling like Eve, banishing jean shorts (which are often made too short anyway) to the back of my closet in the summer.

But I’m making a better effort to not let the eyes and possible comments of others, as well as my own insecurities about my thighs keep me from wearing what I would like to, particularly when it’s too hot for pants and to wrap jackets around my waist. From tight workout bottoms to jean shorts, with my headphones pushed far into my ears, I’m making an effort to step out with more pretend confidence in the pieces that used to make me cringe out until I have 100 percent of the self-assurance I need to shine in them from the inside out. Fake it until you make it, ladies.

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