How Weight Loss Affects A Relationship

July 16, 2018  |  
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Hopefully, your partner likes you for a lot more than your looks. That being said, there’s no denying that looks play some role in his attraction to you. We read a lot into someone’s looks—it’s so much more than just, “Are they attractive or not?” Something about your appearance speaks to others in a lot of ways, depicting little parts of your character. So, if you do go through a drastic weight loss while in a relationship, it’s bound to affect things somewhat. There isn’t only the final result though—your new body—to think about. There’s also the process it takes to get there, and keep your new figure. It can include huge lifestyle changes that affect the way you and your partner interact. You should always do what’s best for your health, and what makes you feel good. Just know about these ways your weight loss can affect your relationship.


Some of your old routines go

You may have had an old routine of lying in bed all day on a Sunday, binge-watching movies and never lifting a finger. If you have a new active lifestyle, you won’t really be participating in that, and that can be hard for your partner to accept at first.


And old meals

You probably had some food routines like, splitting the fried shrimp, creamy coconut soup, and drunk noodles from a Thai place. But, you’re skipping fried food now and switching to the Thai salad, so your partner is on his own with his order.


A little less hang time

If you’re going to the gym every day, that will easily cut into the free time you had to spend with your partner. He may not love that you won’t be home until 8pm after work now, when you used to get home at 6.


He could wonder what it’s about

It’s only natural that your partner could become a bit insecure, and wonder if your weight loss is part of some new plan to become overall more desirable, and leave him for the dating field again.


He could wonder if he caused it

Some partners might fear that somehow, sometime, they made you feel insecure about your body, and made you feel that they wanted you to lose weight. They’re in a weird place of wanting to encourage what you want, but also hoping they didn’t drive this goal.


He could fear you’ll outgrow him

Your partner might fear that, even if you aren’t planning on leaving him, that once you’re in much better shape and undeniably “hotter” than him, that your eye might start to wander. You’re bound to get more male attention, and he isn’t sure how you’ll respond to that.


You’ll notice his bad habits

The better your habits become, the more aware you’ll be of his bad habits. So you might really start to be bothered by the fact that he never exercises or that he drinks soda at every meal.


Your bedroom stamina will improve

You’ll have a lot more stamina in the bedroom. Hopefully your partner can keep up! You don’t want to feel like you’re the one doing everything in there.


Your mood will improve

Being overweight can affect your moods. When you get in better shape, you have more energy and elevated moods. So, you may find that you bicker less with your partner.


You’ll want him to join you for exercise

Once you realize how good it feels to exercise, you’ll want your partner to join you. You just want him to have all the good things that you have. But it may irritate him that you’re trying to “convert” him into a health nut.


The attention’s on you for a bit

For a while, you may be the center of attention in your couple. Whenever you and your partner see friends, everyone will want to talk about your weight loss—how you did it, how fast it happened, and how great you look.


Some new habits may bother your partner

Some of your new habits may bug your partner, like how much space your protein powder takes up in the pantry, or how quickly your workout clothes fill up your shared hamper.


You’ll feel more motivated in all areas

Often, when someone gets their fitness on track, they feel motivated to get other areas of their life on track—like their career. You might become really busy just because you’re killing it in several areas.


His eyes take time to adjust

Your partner may not notice your results as much as you want him to, simply because he sees you every single day. It’s the people who see you infrequently who will notice the most.


People will comment that you’re moving up

People will make little comments about how you’re too good for your partner now. Men, in particular, who are trying to creep, will say that you should leave your guy now that you’re such a hotty.

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