How To Prevent And Fight Arthritis In Women

July 13, 2018  |  
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Nearly thirty percent of women have arthritis, while just shy of 20 percent of men have it. Arthritis makes it difficult to do the most basic things, like walk your dog, type, or even open a jar. It can be truly debilitating for people who like to be very active because arthritis makes most forms of fitness very painful—and extreme exercise can make arthritis worse. How strongly genetics affect one’s chances of developing arthritis isn’t fully understood, but there is some hereditary factor, and some people could be more vulnerable to it due to genes. So if you know that it runs in the family, you should take extra precautions to prevent this autoimmune disorder. If you do already suffer from arthritis, there are things you can do to keep it from progressing. You don’t have to just accept your fate. Here are ways women can prevent and fight arthritis. on scale

Maintain a healthy weight

Did you know that every pound of body weight produces four pounds of pressure on your joints? Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of preventing arthritis. If you already have arthritis, and are overweight, shedding some pounds could help alleviate symptoms. skewers on a plate on white background healthy eating food

Swap in fiber and produce

A simple, healthy way to shed weight quickly is to make sure each dish consists mostly of fiber and fruits and vegetables. Aim for 50 percent produce, 25 percent complex carbs like brown rice or quinoa, and 25 percent protein. Skipping snacks between meals also goes a long way. doctor gesturing near computer

Check your vitamin D levels

African American and menopausal women in particular are at a higher risk of having low vitamin D levels. Keeping those levels up can help in the fight against osteoarthritis. cereal with raisin, currant, mix nut, coconut

How to get more vitamin D

Spending time in the sun naturally gives you the best form of vitamin D, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take the regular sun safety precautions. If you’d like to get it from food, you can find it in beef liver, egg yolks, milk, tofu, breakfast cereals, and canned fish. shoes heels sandals

Skip the stilettos

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on shoes, it shouldn’t be on designer stilettos. Our feet were not designed to wear heels on a regular basis—not even close. The best thing for our feet is to be barefoot on sand—the way our cavemen ancestors were—but that’s obviously not an option. That doesn’t mean we can wear heels every day. sandal heel

Buy good shoes

Invest in shoes with good arch support. Your feet should neither be flat nor sitting on the exaggerated arch of a heel. There are tons of designers that make attractive, elegant shoes (even heels) that hold your foot in its most natural position. young woman holding cup of freshwater, sitting at the kitchen bar and looking over the camera.

Avoid dehydration

Did you know that the cartilage in your body can become dehydrated? It happens when you are, overall, dehydrated. Dehydrated cartilage is weak and more prone to damage. tomatoes salad

Ways to get H2O

First, skip dehydrating foods like high sodium soup, fried foods, and lots of alcohol. Too much coffee can also be dehydrating. Meanwhile, add hydrating items like lettuce, melon, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, and tomatoes. and Man Talking in Gym

Choose your exercise wisely

While jogging may help you burn a tremendous number of calories in a short time period, it also puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your joints. Sports like basketball and volleyball (unless the latter is done on the beach) are also very rough on your joints. Diving into Water, swimming in a pool

Hop in the water or on a bike

Riding a bicycle or swimming are both great ways to burn calories, without putting much or any pressure on your joints. When considering which gym to join, pick one with a pool. playing volleyball

Be careful

Suffering regular injuries can increase your chances of arthritis later. You may not even realize you’re injured, but if you’re regularly in pain after your workout of choice, you are suffering mini injuries. woman in a cast

Don’t go pro

If you truly want to prevent arthritis, being an intense, high-level athlete probably isn’t for you. Being an athlete naturally puts your body through a lot of injuries over the years and forces you to use your body in ways it wasn’t designed to be used.

Take these supplements

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements have been shown to help prevent arthritis. Just keep in mind that these do not provide pain relief for those already suffering from arthritis. of yellow fish oil pills on table

Get more omega-threes

People who already have osteoarthritis could benefit from getting more omega-threes in their diet. Omega-threes reduce inflammation and swelling, which can make arthritis more painful., cheese, spinach, onion, olives, tomato and seasoningson a bamboo cutting board,, the ingredients for a perfect ketogenic diet healthy breakfast.

Add these foods

You can get more omega-threes in these foods: walnuts, chia seeds, canola oil, sardines, anchovies, flax seeds, tofu, soybeans, salmon, and spinach.

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