Helpful Or Out Of Order: Ebro Offers Cardi B. Very Detailed Breastfeeding Advice…On Twitter

July 12, 2018  |  
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Cardi B. gave birth to her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, two days ago. And as she’s adjusting to life as a new mother, she’s already receiving advice from interesting sources—in the public space. Hot 97 DJ Ebro Darden had some very detailed advice to offer on breastfeeding. See what he had to say below.

This type of advice from a non-medical professional (or politician) about something so personal, controversial, and occasionally political, as breastfeeding is kind of unprecedented, especially in a public forum. There were people who felt it wasn’t Ebro’s place to speak to Cardi about this decision for her child. Not only because it’s not his decision to make, but as a man who cannot deliver a child or breastfeed one, the advice about what is best for Cardi’s daughter shouldn’t come from him.

Still, there were others who believe that given the nature of the advice–it is pretty sound– he was only trying to help.

Personally, I agree with a lot of Ebro’s advice. He is a father who seems to have a beautiful relationship with his daughter. In fact, he was the man who delivered her. He’s been present and involved. His input should count for something.

But I’m generally not a fan of men giving women unsolicited advice about what to do with their bodies or how to raise their children. And I can’t understand why he decided to post all of this on Twitter instead of just contacting Cardi personally. There is an element of this that is for show—whether he considered it philanthropy or not. Perhaps he wanted to start a discussion—with a little controversy—or show the people how much he knew about the subject of breastfeeding.

I asked my fiancé what he thought about this and his response was it only matters what Cardi thinks.

Facts…but the public nature of it all means that it’s more than just a conversation between Cardi and Ebro. We’ve all been invited. 

And if I were Cardi, I would have been wondering why he didn’t just text or DM me. I don’t think I would appreciate my name and the birth of my two-day-old child being used on a Twitter feed. I don’t think it was Ebro’s intention to shame or condemn any woman who doesn’t or can’t breastfeed but if you ask mothers, they’ll tell you that there is a lot of pressure around breastfeeding and his comments don’t necessarily empower the women who are unable to nurse their children, for whatever reason. Which is why this type of talk from a man isn’t always well-received.

The opinions on this one are varied. See what people had to say on the following pages and let us know what you think.

But someone showed that Cardi and Ebro have some sort of relationship where he gives her advice and she’s open to receiving it.

So perhaps, this explains why he felt comfortable telling her how to breastfeed.

What do you think about Ebro’s comments?


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