Truths About Having Fluctuating Weight

July 12, 2018  |  
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I’m someone whose weight fluctuates constantly. My weight doesn’t necessarily fluctuate a lot (it stays within a ten-pound range) but, the extreme ends of my range actually make me look very different. At the low end, people tell me I have incredible cheekbones and a chiseled jaw line, slender arms and a perky tushy (okay that’s my boyfriend saying that last thing). At my high end, all definition in my face goes away. I get a little sag under my chin. My arms seem to take on two inches in diameter—each. And my butt becomes big—like bulbous. All of those changes happen in just a teeny, tiny 10-pound range. It’s pretty annoying. I have friends who always look exactly the same. How do they do that? I don’t do anything different, as far as I know! Here are the annoying realities of having fluctuating weight.


The cause is a mystery

During the times I work out more, my weight somehow goes up. When I eat nothing but veggies and protein, I put on weight. During the times I swear I’m eating everything in site, I’m slender as could be. There’s no method to the madness.


You’ve made the mistake of giving clothes away

I made the mistake, after my first major fluctuation, of giving tons of clothes away. I will never do that again. I now know that I need clothes for both ends of my weight range.


Your Instagram has dry spells

There are times when people text me to check I’m okay because I haven’t posted a photo to social media in a while. It’s just because I don’t love the way I look in photos and am at the top of my weight range.


Your Instagram has very busy times

Then there are times when I’m a posting fiend because I think I look good. It’s all bikini photos and no make-up photos all day.


You’re super confident in bed sometimes

When I’m feeling good about my body and on the low end of my range, I want to have sex with the lights on. I want to take things slowly and make sure my partner gets a good look at all my angles.


And suddenly shy in bed sometimes

When I’m on the high end of my weight range, I want the lights off. I want to keep a large t-shirt on. I want to do positions that have me facing away from my partner and I certainly do not want to be on top.


You don’t mess with rigid clothes

I don’t have time for tight jeans that have absolutely no spandex. I also don’t have time for silk or leather, or really any item that has zero give. I can’t afford to buy clothes that won’t fit if I so much as put on two pounds.


On good days, you must utilize form-fitting clothes

On those days when I’m feeling really good about my body, I feel pressure to wear my form-fitting clothes even if I don’t feel like it. I mean, I can’t let a skinny day go to waste!


Everyone says they don’t notice

Everyone says they don’t notice when my weight fluctuates. They tell me I’m crazy. They tell me I’m the only one who sees it.


Everyone is lying

I know people are lying because on the days I’ve been on the low end of my weight range and looking really slender, people always comment and say how svelte I look.


It’s always up when you need it down

Naturally, my weight is up when I need to look good for a big event. It’s always up during bikini season. It’s up when my mom is coming to down (who is very aware of my weight).


And down for no good reason

My weight is down when it’s useless to me. It’s down during sweater weather when I’m covering up anyways. It’s down when my partner is out of town so I can’t show him how good I look naked.


Your gym is confused

The workout classes I sometimes attend are confused. Sometimes I disappear for months at a time, and sometimes I’m there every day for a month.


You don’t buy expensive clothes

I don’t buy expensive clothes. It’s just not worth it. If my weight fluctuates so much that, sometimes, I can’t fit into those $200 jeans then I’m buying $30 jeans.


You can’t get attached to your weight

I can’t get too attached to my weight at any point. I know that on any given day, for no reason at all, it can change. I need to go with the flow, and be willing to make some outfit adjustments.

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