Texas Mother Shoots Carjacker In The Face Who Attempted To Steal Car With Two Children In Backseat

July 8, 2018  |  

texas mother shoots carjacker


Most mothers would do anything to protect their children and Michelle Booker-Hicks is no exception. Fox Channel 4 reports that the Dallas, Texas mother of two had only purchased a hand gun for protection a short time before she and her two sons, ages 2 and 4 met an unfortunate fate last Wednesday. Booker-Hicks arrived at a gas station that evening and left her sons in the car to go inside to pay for fuel. While inside, Booker-Hicks spotted a man entering her vehicle and she quickly ran out and grabbed the gun from the glove compartment and proceeded to shoot him in the face when she fired what she meant to be a warning shot. Booker-Hicks says she asked the man to leave the car at first, but he didn’t listen:

“I proceeded to jump in my backseat and told the gentleman to stop, to get out the car. He would not get out of the car. He turned around and looked at me.”

“I reached over the armrest to get my glove compartment and that’s when I fired at him once I got the gun from my glove compartment.”

Already having the car in motion, the man later identified as 36-year-old Ricky Wright, crashed into a fence and collapsed in the street with a gun wound just under his right eye. No one else in the vehicle was injured. Wright was later arrested and then taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Wright was charged with two counts of unlawful restraint and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Booker-Hicks will not face any charges. Attorney Toby Shook shared that the mother’s actions were reasonable:

“When children are involved, obviously the authorities are going to be very understanding of that.”

“The law says that if a reasonable person in her situation would have acted the same way, found it immediately necessary to protect herself or a third party, in this case her children, then that’s legitimate self-defense.”

Booker-Hicks does not have a license to carry, but Texas law allows citizens to carry guns within their vehicle without a license. She also will not face any charges for leaving her kids in the car, but states that she would’ve gone even further to protect them if necessary:

“I’m not a killer or anything, but I do believe in defending what’s mine. I hope that woke him up.”

I’m glad everyone was able to walk away with their lives from this situation, however I do encourage parents to take their young children with them whether they are going to be in the store for five seconds or fifteen minutes. Thankfully the children weren’t hurt, but they also had to witness a very scary incident that involved their mother shooting someone. Vehicles can be replaced and repaired, children’s physical and emotional safety, however, are a lot more fragile.

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