Preparing Your Family For Your Weight Loss Journey

July 9, 2018  |  
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Here’s the thing we’re not supposed to say but that I’m going to say: your family probably had a lot to do with your eating and exercise habits. How could they not? They were the ones tell you what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, and when to exercise (or not exercise) during your most formative years of life. They were the ones in charge of your food and activity when your brain was the most susceptible to influence. Whatever they taught you back then about food and fitness was grilled deep into your brain. It’s in your subconscious. You’ve probably started to notice that as an adult, when your friends and peers have pointed out that some of your habits are, well, not normal. Okay, perhaps they’re downright unhealthy, but it’s what you learned from your family. It’s okay. They were only teaching you the best that they knew, but now you’re in charge of fixing things. On that note, here is how to prepare your family for your weight loss journey. young African-American woman in her 20s standing at the kitchen sink helping her mother wash the dishes.

Tell them it isn’t personal

Make sure your family knows that you love them, and you are grateful for how they raised you. Tell them they taught you so much valuable information, and gave you the traits and values that help you every day. Show them that your desire to eat and live differently from them has nothing to do with your respect for them. portrait of sad young afro american woman. Disapointed female against gray background. Horizontal studio photography from a DSLR camera. Sharp focus on eyes.

Remind them that teasing isn’t constructive

They may want to make jokes about you being too good for them, or even about you having an eating disorder because you’re cutting calories. Remind them that those types of jokes are not supportive, and that they kind of hurt you. of Black women hugging on city sidewalk

Remind them of their goals that you helped with

If they really aren’t backing you up, you can remind them of times that they needed your help and support in their goals. No matter what those goals were (spend less money, get out on the dating scene more) you were there for them. This is no different., bread, breakfast

Insist on no more food gifts

Set a no-food-gift rule for a while. If your family is prone to showing up with lasagna and cake, you may need to ask that they not do that for a while. Let them know it would just go to waste. male fitness instructor writing the progress of athletes during a spinning class in a health club.

They should respect your exercise schedule

They should have some respect for your exercise schedule. They shouldn’t make you feel bad for missing the family trip to the mall, for example, because it falls during your workout class. They should treat your exercise as a real, standing appointment. and Drink

Peer pressuring to binge eat needs to stop

Ask that they no longer pressure you into binge eating or eating bad foods. On that note, tell them you should find healthier ways to bond. You don’t only have to bond over pizza—you can bond over taking a walk together or taking an art class together. in the refrigerator

They should make space for your food

Ask that they don’t ostracize your food purchases. Whether this is your parents you’re visiting, or your spouse and kids, ask them to make room for your healthier choices. They shouldn’t complain that those things are taking up space, and they certainly shouldn’t throw them out. African American man and his daughter practicing a healthy life style on a walking trail

Encourage them to participate

Invite you family to participate—to join you at the workout class or to help you make that new, healthy recipe. They may just be resisting your changes because they feel left out. Race doctor talking to patient

Remind them of the family medical health

You could really show them the importance of this change by reminding them of family members who fell victim to diet-related illnesses. They don’t want that to happen to you. on scale

Insist it’s about health

Make sure they know this is about health and not appearances. They may just resist the change because they fear that they’re encouraging a change that is rooted in insecurities. lasagna with gnocchi

Be ready with alternatives

Be willing to make compromises so your family doesn’t feel left in the dust. Find healthy recipe alternatives to their favorite dishes, and pick restaurants where everyone can find something they like. showing sister inlaw photos on smartphone after outdoor family dinner party

And no, you’re not saying they should lose weight

Make sure they understand that you are not passively implying that your family needs to lose weight, just because you’re losing weight. Their journey is their journey and yours is yours. full of sheets

Probably no clothing gifts for a while

You may want to insist on no clothing gifts for a while, since you plan on being a different size in a few months. But if your mom has hand me downs she really wants to give you, you can always hem them. together for the holidays

Tell them you don’t require special treatment

Your family may just fear that you’re becoming a diva, and will have demands they cannot meet. Tell them you take full responsibility for making your changes, making your food, and making your workouts happen, without dropping your responsibilities to your family. daughter family

Remind them if they love you, they’ll support you

Remind them that if they love you, they should support you in your goals—even if they don’t want the same goals for themselves.

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