What People Say When You Start Dating Your Best Friend

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People can have a very strong reaction when you start dating your best friend. You can date someone of a different political party, you can date a bad boy covered in tattoos with gages in his ears and four pet snakes, and you can date a friend’s ex but nobody will ever respond to any of these scenarios the way they do when you end up dating your best friend. When you date a friend it affects people. Your best friend is probably also friends with all of your other best friends. Your family knows him pretty well, but that could be a plus or a minus. They may have loved him as a friend for you, but never necessarily wanted him as your romantic partner. Hey, some people are thrilled! But romantically hooking up with somebody who was already such a large part of your world has a butterfly effect a way that dating a stranger just doesn’t. Here is what people say when you date your best friend.


This is a very bad idea

Some people will get very nervous. This is particularly true of your single friends who really rely on the social group for their companionship. They may not like the idea that everyone is beginning to couple up.


You beat me to him

Then you might discover that another friend had her eye on this guy. The fact that you are actually dating him could make her speak up and admit she’d had feelings for him all along. In fact, she could get mad because she thinks, “You should have known!”


Don’t screw this up

If this doesn’t work out, your friends will feel like kids with divorced parents, and you’ll feel like parents splitting custody of your friends. Nobody wants that mess, and some friends will be very vocal about their concerns.


We always knew

Then there are the friends who take a lot of pride in saying, “We always knew. We’ve known all along that you two would wind up together.” (You think they’re full of sh*t because they said your last two boyfriends were “the one for you”).


Oh that’s why you c*ck blocked him

Apparently you’re the reason this guy’s last few relationships didn’t work out. Apparently you’ve always been getting in the way and scaring other women away. You don’t really recall that but, that’s what your friends tell you happened.


Did you run out of guys?

Some friends can be a bit snarky. If you’ve had a lot of failed relationships, they might worry that you’ll treat this guy like you’ve treated every other guy and they’ll be the ones dealing with the drama.


Is this going to be awkward now?

For some reason, some friends just cannot behave normally once you start dating your best friend. They freeze up. They can’t relax around the two of you. You’re still the same person you always were.


It’s about time

Yeah, yeah—apparently the whole world has been watching your “Will they, won’t they?” story for years. You really don’t think that’s been happening. You were truly invested in your previous relationships.


Don’t bring fights to me

Your friends kind of don’t want to get caught in the middle of your fights. When you fought with other boyfriends, you could run to your friends because, they could easily take your side. But now they don’t want to take any side because they’re friends with both of you.


Thank God; I can’t meet one more boyfriend

As I said, some friends would be a little sassy and think they can say whatever they want. And you may find that some of them were growing tired of investing in boyfriend after boyfriend of yours.


Good, fewer plus ones

Some friends are just very practical. Over the years, they’ve hosted a lot of parties, and always had to make room for your plus one and the plus ones of your now-boyfriend-once-friend. So they’re just happy to make less food.


I can’t hear about the sex

Your friends may not want to know about your sex life with their shared friend. Your female friends in particular may not want to hear graphic details about how their male friend is in bed.


So now I’m a third wheel

Some friends complain that now you’ve turned them into a third wheel. It really doesn’t have to be that way. You’re all still the same people you once were.


Don’t cry to me if it doesn’t work

Some people can feel very defensive about the whole thing. They have a doomsday mentality about it right out the gates, and because they’re assuming it won’t work out, they already want to rid themselves of the responsibility of comforting you when that happens.


I have to be a god parent

Some friends love the idea that you’ll all be a big happy family. They call dibs on being the maid of honor/best man/ god parent to your children/house sitter.

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