QUIZ: Which Insecure Girl Are You?

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Mostly As

You’re an Issa! You’re hella awkward, kinda shy, but super relatable. You don’t have your life all the way together, but you’re taking steps in the right direction. You have a solid job, but you might still be looking for the right spot to rest your head. Your love life, though? Hella messy. It’s possible that you’re newly single after a long stretch with the same guy, so It may take you a moment to figure out the new rules of the dating game.

Mostly Bs

You’re a Molly! Your professional life is enviable, but your romantic life is kind of a flop at times. Sometimes, you fall a little too hard a little too fast for the wrong men. Other times, you’ll blow off a potential match over one thing (sexual fluidity in Black men freaks you out). Is it so wrong to want a man that satisfies your discriminating tastes?

Mostly Cs

You’re a Kelli! You’re way too much fun (if that is even possible), and nothing stands between you and a good time (take that as you will). You’re not in a committed relationship at the moment, and you don’t seem all the interested in finding one right now. Enjoy your single days while you’re living them, because you know that once you find the right one, it’ll (probably) be a wrap.

Mostly Ds

You’re a Tiffany! You’re that bougie friend we all have. From your home and your relationship to your interests and your wardrobe, your life seems expertly curated. On the other hand, you’re still a great friend to your girls, despite some of your stuffier ways. And no one throws a party quite like you do! How can anyone be so perfect and yet so (slightly) annoying?

Mostly Es

You’re a Tasha! You seem like a nice enough girl, but you come off a wee bit thirsty. Like many women, you might fall into the dangerous habit of giving a guy relationship privileges after a few intimate interactions (ranging from lunch dates to full-on smash sessions). You don’t require much from a guy before you give him boyfriend status and have him laying up in your house doing the absolute least when it comes to you. You won’t notice that he’s not the greatest guy until he embarrasses you in front of your people.

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