On World Forgiveness Day: Mastering The Art Of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is perhaps one of the toughest traits to master in this life. Is it a trait though? Or is it a…one-time act? A general behavior? Well, it’s all of these things considering the varying levels at which you must display forgiveness every day. In a sense, if you go around and calmly respond to things like drivers cutting you off or baristas forgetting to leave room at the top of your coffee for cream, you exhibit forgiveness as a personality trait. But, someone who can forgive those little things won’t just as easily forgive, say, infidelity or theft. Those acts of forgiveness are far more labored. They’re more isolated incidents. Forgiving someone for something as massive as stealing from you or cheating on you is a project—not a personality trait. But, learning forgiveness at each of these levels can bring substantial calmness to your life. In honor of World Forgiveness Day, here are tips for mastering the art of forgiveness.

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Know that you don’t give away power

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you give away power. Don’t believe that for a second, when you forgive someone, you give away your power. That is in your head—a delusion that’s keeping you from the act of forgiveness. When you forgive, nobody takes anything from you. You give something willingly, but power isn’t what you’re giving away.

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