She Said What She Said: Nicki Minaj Defends Her Opinions On Women Selling Sex

June 17, 2018  |  

nicki minaj defends comments about sex workers


For whatever reason, Nicki Minaj truly believes that her whole persona as a female rapper, much of what has been built on overt sexuality and lyrics that allude to the power of the pu**y, is higher on the morality scale than women who engage in sex for money and/or gifts. This the same woman who once rapped:

I’m on some dumb s**t, by the way, what he say?

He can tell I ain’t missing no meals

Come through and f**k him in my automobile

Let him eat it with his grills, and he telling me to chill

And he telling me it’s real, that he love my sex appeal

While promoting the release of her upcoming album Queen, Nicki Minaj recently sat down with Elle magazine to talk about the guilt she’s felt in using her platform to sell sex appeal. Minaj basically says that over the years her message has been misconstrued and that she’s merely selling the idea of sex and being sexy, but she feels she may have contributed to a culture of “modern day prostitutes” where young women will literally have sex for money. The “Anaconda” artists says her music in fact encourages women to be “snobby and conceited” not sex workers:

“Whether you’re a stripper, or whether you’re an Instagram girl — these girls are so beautiful and they have so much to offer,” she said. “But I started finding out that you give them a couple thousand dollars, and you can have sex with them. I was like, ‘Yikes.’ It’s just sad that they don’t know their worth. It makes me sad as a woman. And it makes me sad that maybe I’ve contributed to that in some way … I can’t look down on these girls. I may not be having sex with people, but I’m selling sex appeal. “I just don’t know if girls who look up to me think that when I’m posting a sexy picture. I’m actually the antithesis of all of that. I’m more of, like, the snobby girl, like the ‘Uh, what?’ type of girl. And I want girls to be like that. I’d rather you be called snobby or a bitch or conceited — I’d rather you be called that than easy, and a ho, and a slut.”

The statement is all kinds of problematic if not for the fact it implies that women who have sex for money have no sense of self-worth, but also because I have issues with artist who toy with the idea of the fact that they might be role models like they’re playing double-dutch. My thing is if you’re not out here trying to be a role model, own that and be explicit about the idea that your music isn’t meant for 14 and 15-year-olds who listen to it, even if they are the ones who are actually listening. But if you really care about being a role model, revisit your image and your lyrics. However, when you try to cater to two distinctly different agendas: Bouncing your behind every fifteen minutes to increase your streams but then talking about how guilty you feel about it, it leaves fans feeling confused.

After Nicki faced some backlash over the comments particularly from Twitter user “MrJeromeTrammel”, she took to Twitter to attempt to clear things up:

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Some celebrities need to back away from the “Tweet” button because they literally are buying their careers and images a first-class ticket to dumpster fire land because they lack public relations training. There was probably a better way to address this user’s comment which is probably representative of a lot of folks’ confusion, without misspelled words that ultimately end with telling them to cease engaging in a sexual act. You can’t expect to make such strong statements, then get defensive when fans question your position.

I want Nicki to win, just like I want Cardi B, Remy Ma and other female rappers to win so rap can be filled with diversity again. But I don’t feel like selling sex and then alienating the very listeners who attempt to imitate the image you portray is a good look, no matter how many double taps you get.

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