Bathing Suit Mistakes You’re Probably Making

June 14, 2018  |  
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It’s just about bathing suit season! I have to admit that, my bathing suits make up a part of my wardrobe that I sort of neglect, in many ways. For starters, I store my swimsuits in a large paper bag on the top shelf of my closet, next to my suitcases and photo albums, as if they’re some old relic. Various tops and bottoms have gotten lost throughout the years, so now I’m just pairing together whatever I can find at the last minute before a pool party. Considering how delicate these items are, and how exposed we are to the elements when we wear them, I know I owe these garments a bit more attention. In fact, I have a feeling most women could pay a bit more attention to how they select, care for, store. and wear their swimsuits. Before the weather heats up, here are bathing suit mistakes you’re probably making. bag of mandarines on a white background

Tossing a wet suit in a plastic bag

Sometimes you need to toss your wet suit in a plastic bag just to get home from the gym, but then you forget it there. Leaving a wet suit in a plastic bag for hours or days means your fragile suit is stewing in harmful chlorine or salt water. This deteriorates the material and makes the color fade. Try to avoid this practice, but if you must put your suit in a bag, take it out the second you get home and airdry it. photo of thoughtful young woman with surfboard. Young female is wearing bikini top. She is enjoying wind at beach on sunny day.

Drying it in the sun

Drying a suit in the sun for an hour or so is fine, but don’t just leave your suit out on a pool chair or hanging over the balcony for days or weeks until you need it next. That much sunlight will make the color fade. on Beach

Not buying UV-resistant fabric

Don’t forget to check that the fabric is UV-resistant. This is important both for your skin health, and also for the good of the bathing suit. Considering that you wear your suit mostly under the sun’s harsh rays, you should make sure it’s built to stand up to that. by a pool relaxing on vacation

Not buying SPF-infused fabric

Many swimsuit companies now even make suits that have SPF-infused fabric. Keep in mind that, your skin can burn, even beneath a swimsuit. So if you don’t want to remember to apply sunscreen to your delicate areas, just get a swimsuit that does it for you. Bikini on white with shadow

Wearing knitted suits

Knitted suits are cute for when you just plan on laying out, but not actually going for a dip. These retro-style swimsuits just aren’t built to go in the water. It stretches them out, and chlorine and salt water can be very harsh on them. So maybe just buy a knitted top and wear it with shorts. Female Surfer with Surfboard at Tropical Beach at Sunset

Sitting on the beach in a thong

It’s fabulous that you’re proud of that booty and comfortable wearing a thong bikini! Just watch out for where you sit…In a thong, you are very exposed to all sorts of bacteria, especially in public places like the beach. Always sit on a towel if you’re in a thong bikini, and never directly on the sand. view of two multi-ethnic young women relaxing on the side of a swimming pool, feet in the water, conversing.

Sitting on stone or tile

Some of those porous tiles that surround swimming pools and Jacuzzis can add a lot of style to a patio, but they aren’t good for your suit. Sitting on them can cause your suit to pill, and once a suit pills, there is no going back. Always sit on a towel or a chair when rough stones or tiles are present. American woman washing hands with soap

Failing to rinse your suit

Just because you dried on the beach doesn’t mean you don’t still need to rinse your suit when you get home. Remember that A) you expose it to chlorine or salt water and B) your private parts touch it. You must rinse your swimsuit after each use. multi-ethnic young women floating on innertubes in a swimming pool.

Still wearing halters

Why are you doing that to yourself? They hurt your neck, and they just don’t support and contain the boobs the way a spaghetti strap, bra-style top does. Ditch the halters. woman drinking red can on beach, leaning on a bike.

Not using a cover-up

Don’t forget to bring a cover-up any time you plan on hanging in your suit. It’s a quick and easy way to get more protection from the sun, and earns you access to that bar or restaurant your friends want to stop at after the beach. shot of two beautiful young women friends posing in nature in bathing suits

Neglecting the one-piece

Don’t sleep on the one-piece—that’s one of the best styles out there. It flatters basically every body type. It doesn’t mind if you bloat up a little from the snacks you packed for the beach. And it’s just super feminine. in shower

Showering in your suit

Showering in your suit may help rinse your suit, but it doesn’t help you thoroughly clean your sensitive areas. Remove your suit before showering, and clean your suit and body separately. woman applying shaving cream on her leg

Maintaining the bikini area right before

You probably want to clean up some of those hairs around your bikini line for swim season. Whether you wax or shave, don’t do this the day of your first pool party. Your skin will be too sensitive and the UV rays, plus chlorine or salt water, will sting terribly. shot of a beautiful young woman looking at the calming beach view

Still wearing underwire

There are so many great bikinis out there that push up your boobs without using that torture device called the underwire. And exposed underwire, plus water, equals rust. smiling near volleyball net on beach

Failing to consider your activities

Teeny, tiny string bikinis and beach volleyball don’t mix. It’s a nip slip (or worse) waiting to happen. Make sure you have a few suits for your various needs like swimming in the waves, playing volleyball, diving, and more.

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