Artist & Editor, Munirah Safiyah Jones, Makes Video For The Men Who Think “WYD?” Is A Full Conversation

June 12, 2018  |  


My dating experience has been limited, to say the least. And while it was a source of concern at one point or another, in hindsight I can see that my lack of experience likely saved me from a lot of annoyance.

Somewhere along the timeline of human evolution, communication skills for a good number of men and women fell by the wayside. With a reliance on street hollers and online dating apps, men either stopped fostering their conversation skills or worse yet, they decided they didn’t need them at all.

The last man I gave my number to was one of these men. I met him at an associate’s birthday party. As I danced with my friends and my sister, I could see that he was interested in talking to one of us. I just couldn’t tell who it was. Turns out, I was the chosen one. I can’t remember what made me give him my number. Maybe it was his approach, what I perceived as kindness, the fact that he wasn’t ugly, or perhaps the fact that I hadn’t been out on a date in a minute and the prospect seemed alluring. Either way, I gave him my number. And on the cab ride home, he’d already texted me the correct spelling of his name. Cool.

The next morning I got some variation of a “Good Morning Beautiful” text. I’ve since deleted my messages from this time period so I can’t go back and check. But I returned the greeting, sans the compliment. Asked him how he was doing. He responded, “Nothing much, chilling. How about you?” I told him what I was doing, likely getting ready for work. To keep the conversation going, I asked what he was doing. I got some form of “chilling.” Which immediately made me wonder if he had a job. Thankfully, he did. But it wasn’t one he was interested in and so he didn’t have much to say about it.

In fact, he didn’t have much to say about anything. Every morning was good morning. Every afternoon was “wyd” (What are you doing?) And every evening was “Goodnight.” So much for that date. After less than a month, I couldn’t anymore. And I’m not proud to say, I just stopped responding.

I would come to learn that I wasn’t the only woman who had experienced exchanges like this one. There are millions of us who’ve dealt with men who couldn’t manage to hold a conversation. So much so that Munirah Safiyah Jones, video editor and artist, created an entire skit based on these tortuous interactions. Since she posted it yesterday, it’s received over a million views. Likely because there are witnesses.

Check it out below.

Have you ever attempted to date or talk to a man who just couldn’t cut it when it came to communication?

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