Beauty Routines You’re Probably Overdoing

June 12, 2018  |  
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When it comes to beauty routines, is there such thing as too much of a good thing? I, personally, have many-a-time discovered some new technique or product that I thought would be the magic answer to keeping me looking young and vibrant. So then I overdid it, or overbought it, only to find that at one point, the results plateau—and sometimes, they even go downhill. Many of the things we like to do for our hair, skin, and body are really only meant to be done in moderation, but the people and companies that sell those products and services don’t mention that because, well, they’d lose money. So, since they won’t tell you, I will: here are beauty routines you’re probably overdoing. holding mineral salt with mineral mud on her face, close-up shot, isolated on white.[/caption]


Exfoliation is important for removing dead, old skin cells that block your beauty products from doing what they’re intended to do. That being said, you don’t need to exfoliate daily. In fact, doing so will strip your skin of a protective layer. Stick to twice a week. in shower[/caption]

Washing your hair

Unless you are someone who works out vigorously every day, causing a super sweaty scalp, or you apply a lot of styling product to your hair, you don’t need to wash your hair daily. Doing so strips your hair of its natural oils, which tells your follicles they need to produce more oil, and then you can wind up with oilier hair—which is what you were trying to fight by over washing. of a young woman brushing her teeth in her bathroom[/caption]

Brushing your teeth

If you had to receive some expensive fillings, you may have left the dentist’s office paranoid and determined to get better at oral hygiene. But keep in mind that brushing your teeth more than three times a day—or more than two minutes each time—can wear down your enamel and make your teeth weak. of an attractive young woman admiring her face in the bathroom mirror[/caption]


You hear so much about moisturizing that you may have started applying lotion or oil to your skin several times a day, keeping a constant sheen across your face. But if you drown your skin in moisturizer, you can clog your pores and cause breakouts. You can also trick your skin into thinking it no longer needs to produce its own natural oils, meaning you need more and more moisturizer. Just moisturize once in the morning and once in the evening after washing your face. young woman holding cup of freshwater, sitting at the kitchen bar and looking over the camera.

Guzzling water for your skin

Are you downing water to keep your skin hydrated? Water is pretty much the life source of everything, and being dehydrated can lead to dull-looking skin. That being said, after a certain amount of water consumption, you aren’t helping your skin anymore, and you’re just making your bladder work too hard. If you’re rushing to the restroom every thirty minutes, you’re probably overdoing it on the H2O. of an attractive young woman drying her hair with a hairdryer at home

Brushing your hair

Nobody likes tangles! If you find that your hair constantly bunches together and creates knots, you might begin combing or brushing it several times a day. But that means you start ripping a lot of hair out, and can see some thinning occur. If tangles are an issue for you, turn instead to a detangler spray that you add after washing. You can also include an anti-static conditioner to your routine.

Overdoing it on vitamin consumption

Are you hoping to start from the inside and work your way out when it comes to beauty, by consuming tons of vitamins? That’s not a bad idea, but do make sure you aren’t going over your daily value. Often, when we take a multivitamin and other supplements, we don’t realize that we double dose certain vitamins and minerals. This can be bad for our bodies. in a nice bathroom getting in the shower in a robe

Taking lengthy showers

If you like a long, hot shower to feel refreshed, just know that all of that heat dries out your skin. In response, your skin will over-produce oil, and you’ll wind up with greasy skin. Keep showers short (for water saving purposes!) and to a moderate temperature. happy smiling in sunglasses

Avoiding the sun at all costs

It’s great to be cautious about sun damage, but avoiding the sun at all costs deprives you of important vitamin D (your body needs it to absorb calcium, and to help you feel happy!). So do get a little sunshine each day—just make sure to wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. status: MR. Release reference: 070807_4d.jpg: Time of day: daylight.

Using oil-soaking pads

Those little packs of wipes you keep in your purse—the blue ones, or the white rice paper ones—aren’t helping you. You shouldn’t remove oil from your skin every time you see a little shine. Your skin needs that oil to stay moisturized. Wiping it away only tells your pores to produce more oil. Turn, instead, to a face wash designed for those with oily skin. black woman applying moisturizer on her face while looking at camera smiling[/caption]

Applying retinol

You’ve probably heard by now that retinol is a celebrity’s favorite product when it comes to fighting aging. But do keep in mind that retinol can be harsh, and very drying. Your skin needs time to get used to it. So, for the first few weeks, only apply it two or three times a week. Don’t dive into using it nightly, or you may get the opposite results you were hoping for. wearing a mask getting a facial[/caption]

Weekly facials

You do not need a facial each week. A good professional one should last you at least a month. Really quality ones can produce results that last six to eight weeks. If you lose the glow from your facial after just five or six days, switch facialists, but don’t increase your facial frequency. with beauty mask and green ribbon — Image by � pinkypills/Corbis[/caption]


Moisturizing facemasks can do wonders for dry, cracked skin. But, they can be pricey. The truth is that, during the summer, you can do with just one a week. In the winter, however, when the air is very dry, you can do two or three a week.   Frequent waxes Waxing hurts because it pulls at your skin. But pain isn’t the only side effect of all that yanking: frequent waxing can cause your skin to sag. So embrace a little stubble for the sake of your skin.   Exercising While moderate exercise is fine to do daily (like 30 minutes of walking), intense workouts—particularly cardio—can be problematic if practiced every day. Rigorous exercise puts stress on your body, and your body needs a day or two each week to recover from that. Furthermore, some studies have found that overdoing it on intense workouts can increase the likelihood of heart disease.

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