For National Best Friend Day: Traits That Make A Bestie

June 8, 2018  |  
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It’s National Best Friends Day! So, before even reading this, make sure you go text a “Happy BFF Day” to your besties. I’d even text it to the ones who are almost a BFF, just to cover your bases. Hey, you may not remember what your friend-aversary is with any of your good pals. It’s so hard to pin down when you became close friends. But you can always celebrate the union by celebrating National Best Friends Day. A true best friend feels like family. When you’re with them, you never feel self-conscious and there’s really nowhere else in the world you’d rather be. You’d even happily leave your significant other to spend time with your beloved bestie. So, for National Best Friends Day, here are the traits of a bestie.


She’ll indulge silly and meaningless texts

She never asks why you send her the texts you send. She doesn’t need a reason. You can text about anything—like the fact that your pores look large today or you keep accidentally buying bad wine. Whatever it is, she’ll go with it.


She’ll chat with you on your drives

You can always call her from your drive and say, “Hey I’m driving. Entertain me!” and she’s on board. Well, she might say, “Let me call you back in five minutes when I’m driving too.” Either way, you are each other’s favorite way to pass a drive.


She’ll push you when you need it

When your friend knows you’re not going after something you want because you’re afraid or don’t believe in yourself, she won’t just sit around and watch you give up. She’ll step in. She’ll push you. She’ll demand you go after your goals.


She’ll baby you when you need it

Of course, sometimes you just need to be coddled, and that’s okay, too. When you say you’re feeling so weak you could just use some babying, your friend can give you that, too.


She’ll investigate your private selfies

You can send her photos of weird discolorations you find under your boob and she’ll analyze them for you. (But hopefully you’re also seeing a doctor about that).


She can go deep with you

You can talk to your best friend about your issues. You can be open with her about the same things you’d discuss with a therapist. She understands how your childhood shaped you, and the insecurities and personal matters you’re working on.


She’s game for an adventure

She’s always game for an adventure. Drive to the top of the city to watch the sun set? Go on a spontaneous road trip (or at least plan one a few weeks down the line)? She’s in. If you’re excited about something, she’ll get on board.


She’ll help you brainstorm

Sometimes, you just need to brainstorm for all kinds of things. Whether it’s what the next chapter of your book should be about or how to decorate your new office, your friend will sit down with you for a proper brainstorming session.


She’ll let you vent

Sometimes you just need to vent. You gotta air it out. Somebody or something is driving you nuts and you need to talk non-stop for about 20 minutes until you feel better. You can tell your friend that, and she’ll get that.


She’ll tell you when you’ve vented too long

But your friend will also tell you when you’ve been venting too long, or when you’ve been bringing something up too much, or when it’s time to let something go.


She agrees that your mother is nuts

Whoever in your family really drives you nuts—your best friend agrees that they are impossible, insufferable, and just crazy. They are indignant for you at the things that relative says.


She agrees that your partner is wonderful

If your partner makes you happy and treats you well, then your best friend makes sure to be nice to him, and to take an interest in your relationship. She makes sure your relationship feels supported.


Unless he isn’t wonderful

Of course, your best friend won’t sit back and say nothing if your partner clearly doesn’t treat you well and doesn’t make you happy. She’d rather say something that could help you than keep quiet to stay in your good graces.


She remembers the little things

She remembers the little things like the type of cheese you like to have with wine and where you like to get your nails done (for a gift card!) She’s often doing little things that show she pays attention.


She remembers the big things

She also treats your victories as her own. If you’re celebrating something, she is celebrating too. She considers it her personal responsibility to make your birthday party or promotion party extra special.

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