What To Know Before Visiting Your Friend With A New Baby

June 6, 2018  |  
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I recently had the pleasure of meeting the very first baby in my best friend group. What I mean is that, one of my best friends had a baby and, so far, she’s the only one in the close circle who has produced a little one. It’s a very special experience. Even if you think you aren’t a baby person, when you meet the little human who one of your good friends—that friend you adore and would do anything for—created, you become a baby person. That infant is a little extension of the adult you adore! It’s honestly very emotional and special. There are a few things to be prepared for since, this visit with your friend will naturally be quite different from what you’re used to. But, it’s still amazing. Here is what you should know before visiting your friend with a baby.

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You’ll make a schedule around naptime

I personally didn’t know how often babies need to nap, and that not all babies can just nap anywhere—many need to be in their crib, in their nursery. My friend’s nine-month-old naps around every four hours during the day so, the moment she got up, we had about a four-hour window to get out on the town and do something.

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When nap time hits, it hits hard

When nap time hits, you have to drop whatever you are doing, and get the baby home. Your friend isn’t being dramatic when she says this: push a baby past her nap time by even 15 minutes and you have one screaming, unhappy munchkin on your hands.

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Put your phone on silent during nap time

Be a gem and put your phone on silent when the baby is napping. Your friend works so hard to get her little one to sleep so, any precautions you can take so as to not interrupt the nap are greatly appreciated.

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Don’t shower during naptime

Think of anything loud you may need to do—like shower or blow dry your hair—and do that while the baby is awake. Once she is down for her nap, you just shouldn’t do those things.

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Snuggle and love the baby—your friend loves that

There is no such thing as hogging the baby. Snuggle and love her as much as you want. Your friend hopes you take as much joy in her munchkin as she does. So hold her all you want. Remember, your friend is with her all of the time—she can share her.

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You’ll see a lot of boob

Your friend is probably breastfeeding! That means she may need to pop into a changing room or restroom to feed her baby when you are out and about. She’ll also breastfeed around the house. The good thing is that, if this is one of your best friends, you’ve probably seen her boobs many times over the years.

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You need to be flexible

You’ll need to be flexible. You may think you’re going to stroll on the beach, but if your friend finds she’s out of baby-friendly sunscreen, then you’re going to the store. Or not going to the beach. Or sitting inside a restaurant overlooking the beach. Just go with it.

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Your friend will wake up very early

Your friend probably wakes up around five in the morning. So, what I will say is, don’t complain about being tired. It’s just…well, read the room.

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She doesn’t mind if you sleep in

With the last thing in mind, don’t feel bad about sleeping in. You don’t help your mom friend in any way by waking up with her at five am. In fact, she gets some much-needed alone time early in the morning. When you get up, she feels she needs to start entertaining you. She really doesn’t mind if you sleep in.

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There will be things you don’t recognize

Like high chairs that clip onto counter tops and blanket pouch things that zip up over the baby (these are for nap time, so the baby doesn’t get tangled in a blanket).

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The baby is coming along

The baby and mom are pretty much attached at the hip. So the munchkin is coming along to go shopping, go for a walk, grabbing lunch—you name it. Your friend created a little life for which she is responsible so, for a while, she needs to stay by her at most times.

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But, you get attention and it’s fun

You won’t mind the baby coming along though because everywhere you go, everyone gives you special attention and adores the baby. Plus, it’s nice to have a cutie pie to hold and play with while you’re waiting for your table at the restaurant.

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When you leave the baby, your friend misses her

If your friend does leave the baby with a sitter or the other parent so you can have an adult night, she misses her baby terribly. So, maybe don’t force her to do this every night you’re there.

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Let go of expectations

Let go of expectations. Whatever happens, happens. The way you plan the day will probably not be the way the day goes. But, forget about the activity you thought you’d do and focus on how amazing it is that your friend is a mom, and how precious her baby is, and you won’t even mind rescheduling things.

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Your friend is happy to have you

Do you know how happy your friend is to have an adult buddy to interact with in the house for several days?! Sure, she has her partner, but they usually talk baby stuff. She’s thrilled to feel like herself again, by reconnecting with a friend she’s known since the pre-baby days.

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