When Will Women Stop Being Pawns In Rap Beefs?

June 3, 2018  |  

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Hitting each other below the belt in rap beefs is expected. However, Pusha T took things too far in his war of words with Drake. After Drake responded to Pusha T’s jabs on “Infrared” with his “Duppy Freestyle,” Pusha T came back with “The Story of AdiDon.” Not only did the GOOD Music rep taunt the 6 God for feeling like he’s not black enough and for hiding his alleged child, he continued the bad habit of using women as pawns to bring his opponent to his knees.

For one, bringing Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, into it and insulting her for not being married was an unnecessary blow. On “The Story of AdiDon” Pusha raps “Marriage is somethin’ that Sandi never had, Drake/How you a winner but she keep comin’ in last place?” To imply that his mother is a loser because Drake’s father, or any man, didn’t marry her reinforces a negative social construct that a woman is worthless unless a man takes their hand in marriage. So you’re not only insulting Drake, you’re insulting women across the globe. Plus, marriage is not an achievement.

Pusha also said the mother of Drake’s alleged child, porn star Sophie Brussaux, had a “stench” on her and that he is ashamed to claim her and their child in public because she is a porn star.  He raps “Since you name-dropped my fiancée/ Let ’em know who you chose as your Beyoncé/ Sophie knows better as your baby mother/Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her.” So because she’s a porn star, she has a stench? She’s undesirable and not fit to have a baby by?  It’s not the most honorable job, but it seems to only be looked at as trashy when the female porn stars are discussed. Contrary to the many judgmental cliches about porn stars, being a porn star does not mean she is the bottom of the barrel or a throwaway. I’m pretty sure Pusha wouldn’t say that about any male porn star. Female porn stars are glorified by rappers when it comes to their sexual prowess but when it comes to them being a mother, girlfriend or wife they have a “stench?” Please.

Throughout hip-hop history, women have been used as tools in rap beefs, but the blow is deeper than rap. These insults towards the men are made at a woman’s expense. The women are made to look weak, materialistic, gullible, having no morals and unwanted. Tupac did it when he lied about sleeping with Faith Evans, the wife of his arch nemesis the Notorious B.I.G, on “Hit ‘Em Up.” Jay Z did it on “Super Ugly,” his lukewarm response to Nas’ “Ether” where he claimed to have slept with the mother of Nas’ child, Carmen Bryan. The women are crucial to how hard the hit is and impulsively inserted into the war of the ego. Lying, exposing and degrading women in rap beefs is antiquated. The more rappers continue to exploit women during these rap beefs, the more it perpetuates the idea that women (and relationships) are invaluable. When will it end?

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