Jada Pinkett Smith Says Steroid Injections “Seem To Be Helping” Her With Hair Loss Struggles

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Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed that she has been slowly losing her hair, and to deal with it, she’s covered her strands in trendy turbans and hair wraps. Since then, many of the 46-year-old’s fans have offered up all sorts of options and ideas to help her with hair growth. In a new clip on Instagram, the actress thanked everyone, the experts included, for their tips, and also shared that she’s started taking steroid shots to help with it all.

“Hey, I just want to say thank you to everybody for all of the outreach,” she said. “To the doctors and all of the holistic practitioners who have been reaching out to me about this head of mine. I appreciate it so much. I’m taking into a lot of consideration all of the recommendations that are coming my way. I’m getting my little steroid injections and they seem to be helping. Not curing, but they seem to be helping. But I’m open to other ideas, so thank you.”


Pinkett Smith made the revelation about her hair loss on a recent episode of her Facebook Now show, Red Table Talk.

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I’ve been wearing this turban. Well, I’ve been having issues with hair loss. And I’m going to tell you, it was terrifying when it first started,” she said. “I was in the shower one day, and then just handfuls of hair just in my hands and I was just like, ‘Oh, my God, am I going bald?’ It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear. That’s why I cut my hair and why I continue to cut it. I just had another like, ‘Ok, I think we’re gonna do another layer of cutting.’ And my hair has been a big part of me. Taking care of my hair has been a beautiful ritual, and having the choice to have hair or not. And then one day to be like, ‘Oh my God, I might not have that choice anymore.'”

The star said that she’d taken tests, and no one could really pinpoint the reason behind it. But after some thought and putting things in perspective, Pinkett Smith said of all the things one could lose, hair truly isn’t that big of a deal.

“Even in my terror, even in my fear, there was the moment of just going, ‘Oh my God, like, why are you so terrified that you might lose your hair?'” she asked. “I really had to put it in a spiritual perspective of like, the higher power takes so much from people. People are out here who have cancer. People who have sick children. I watch the higher power take things every day, and by golly, if the higher power wants to take your hair? That’s it? ‘God, you want my hair?’ When I looked at if from that perspective, it really did settle me. Because when I had to think about, ‘Well what else would you lose? What else would you put on the table for God to take?’ Take the hair [laughs]!”

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