15 Oils You Should Put On Your Face

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Last week I went into a health food store with a list of items I was looking for, that the helpful employee who approached me was a bit confused about. I told him the things I wanted were for skincare, but they were distinctly things you’d find in the grocery isles. That’s because I put coconut and olive oil on my face. The poor staff member wasn’t sure if he should take me to the beauty department or direct me to the shelves next to the pasta sauce. Honestly, it didn’t matter! And that’s what I told him. In fact, I preferred to avoid the beauty section because that’s where I would find brands that decided they could triple the price of olive oil, all because it is packaged in a pretty little bottle with an applicator. You, also, shouldn’t fall for that. But what you should be doing is putting these 15 oils on your face.

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Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil actually mimics your skin’s sebum, which encourages your pores to produce less oil. That makes this oil—which comes from the seed of a shrub native to Arizona—great for those with oily skin.

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Hemp seed oil

Is your face looking flushed? Apply hemp seed oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce redness and puffiness. This oil also helps to clear out blackheads and minimize pores.

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Rosehip seed oil

If you’re dealing with dark spots or dry, flaky skin, get some rosehip seed oil. Loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids, it hydrates the skin and can correct hyperpigmentation.

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Argan oil

Do you see fine lines creeping up around your eyes? Fight them with Argan oil. Loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids, this stuff promotes the production of collagen—something we all lose with age.

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Neroli oil

This lesser-known oil comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree and should be on the shopping list of women approaching middle age. It contains a natural chemical called citral that can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

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Flaxseed oil

The nice thing about this oil is that you can either apply it directly to the skin, or put it in your food. Either way, you’ll reap its benefits, which include plenty of omega-3 and omega-6. It’s great for alleviating eczema.

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Olive oil

You already have it in your kitchen for cooking, so dab a little on your face. Olive oil is quite similar to the oil our skin naturally produces, so our epidermis absorbs it quite well, and it’s gentle on sensitive skin. It’s a wonderful moisturizer.


Lavender oil

Not only does this stuff smell amazing and help you relax, but it also can help undo some of those years of sun damage. It helps with cell turnover and can reduce the appearance of sunspots.


Carrot seed oil

Not many people know about the use of carrot seed oil for the skin, but they should. This helps boost cell turnover, so it can improve skin tone, as well as reduce the appearance of scars.

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Avocado oil

If your skin is so dry that it’s cracking and itching, you need avocado oil. This vitamin-e heavy oil can improve cell function, reduce inflammation, and deeply moisturize the skin.

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Tea tree oil

If you run around in a busy city with pollution in the air everywhere you turn, you need tea tree oil. This stuff is a real hero when it comes to fighting the bacteria that causes pimples.

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Geranium essential oil

This is another smart choice for those whose pores produce too much oil as it balances the skin’s natural sebum production. Plus, it boosts circulation, which can make it a good option for those with psoriasis or eczema.


Pumpkin seed oil

Dealing with breakouts? Grab some pumpkin seed oil. This stuff rebalances your skin’s levels of oleic acid—something that acne sufferers tend to overproduce.

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Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil comes from the nut kernels of the tamanu nut, and it does a wonderful job at fighting bacteria and healing wounds. This makes it a favorite of acne sufferers. It also boosts cellular regeneration, and might help the fight against wrinkles.

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Frankincense essential oil

Hoping to prevent gravity from causing your skin to sag? Smother some frankincense oil on it. It can tighten and smooth out the skin, making it a favorite of those who want to take a few years off their look.

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