Things That Make You Feel Like A Grownup Couple

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Recently, my boyfriend and I were getting ready to meet friends at a bar for one buddy’s birthday party. And something odd struck me…neither of us were having anything to drink while we got dressed. We used to always have drinks at the apartment before going out, so as to save money at the bar. Something inside me—maybe 22-year-old me—panicked, as if I had forgotten something very important. I went to my boyfriend and said, “Shouldn’t we have drinks before going?!” And he said, “Nah. I’m just going to have a couple at the bar.” And then I realized that I felt like doing the same thing. And then I realized that as a couple, we were growing up. Oh my. Every couple has those moments when they look around at their well-decorated apartment and realize, “We are a legitimate grownup couple.” Here are some things that make you feel like a grownup couple. african american couple at a restaurant and woman feeding her boyfriend both laughing and smiling

Becoming regulars somewhere

You have a restaurant—or even hotel—where the staff knows your name! They know what you like to order, which side of the hotel you prefer to stay in or side of the restaurant you prefer to sit in, and other habits. You’ve been going somewhere, together, for so long, that the staff tells each other, “Mr and Mrs (or Mr and Miss) so-and-so are here). woman cleaning the kitchen counter, using kitchen cleaning product and sponge, wearing protective gloves.

Hiring a cleaning service

That day when you decide to dedicate some of your disposable income not to concert tickets or pubcrawls but to a regular cleaning service. Woah. That’s some grownup behavior. full of sheets

Having more than one set of sheets

When you realize it’s time to change the sheets, you aren’t in a mad dash to get quarters to use the washing machines, desperately negotiating who will stay home to change the sheets from the washer to the dryer. You don’t have to do that—you have a second set of sheets for this exact reason.

Having guest towels

When guests stay with you, you no longer hand them whatever clean but ratty, faded towel you have in the closet. You have nice guest towels. A whole set—with the hand, face, and body towel. They match. They’re in good condition. cooking in the kitchen

Buying elegant serving ware

Simply having enough silverware and plates no longer cuts it. You have nice serving ware. You don’t make people come to the stove to serve themselves. You put the dish you spent time on in a gorgeous bowl that you’re proud to display. Oh, and you serve wine in wine glasses rather than whatever glasses are clean. with clothes for donations on a laminate floor

Choosing a charity to donate to

You have enough disposable income, as a couple, that you’d like to do something good with it. So you choose a charity together to make a monthly donation to. up of a well organized home filing system with tabs for each subject documents

Sharing a filing cabinet

First off, getting a filing cabinet at all is quite grownup. But having a system that both you and your partner understand and follow, is particularly evolved. And being responsible enough, as a pair, to put documents in their respective files rather than just in a pile on the desk. race businesswoman checking mailbox

Getting a P.O. box

When you get a P.O. box, it’s a way of saying that you plan on being together for a long time. If you do move, you plan on moving together. So having a permanent, joint mailbox just makes sense. albums

Making photo albums

You’ve been together long enough, and been good enough at documenting your relationship, that you’ve started making photo albums. You have one from your vacations, holidays, and more. race woman sitting with dog in bed

Getting a pet together

If you get a pet together, not only are you very committed, but you also have your life together. You are responsible enough to remember to buy dog food, to pay the pet insurance on time, and to schedule checkups for your pup. race woman packing suitcase in bed

Having a miles credit card

Getting your first miles credit card together is very exciting. You have rules about what you use it for, and you have goals for those miles—you want to gather enough to take a trip to the Bahamas. American woman opening packages of shoes on sofa

Sharing a subscription

Like Amazon Prime or some food delivery service. You split the payments, and both utilize it. Maybe you’re even in a wine club together, and split the payment on that. unrecognizable female supermarket customer stands over her shopping cart and holds her new smart phone next to her paper shopping list. Old habits are hard to break.

Having regular items you replenish

You are both aware of a list of items that regularly needs to be replenished, like doggy poop bags, foil for grilling, or plastic forks because you both pack your lunch a lot. Your ability to remember to buy these things is on autopilot. You don’t even need to remind each other. apartment modern home

Buying art together

This means so many things. First, it means you take so much pride in your place that you’ve begun to adorn it with art. Second, it means that you are people who buy art. What?? That’s very adult. of happy couple toasting wine glasses

Keeping a wet bar

You don’t just buy a case of beer and handle of vodka two hours before guests arrive. You have a wet bar. It has a shaker, a jar of maraschino cherries, vermouth, and other ingredients that you regularly replenish in case of surprise visitors.

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