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barber throws customer through window


There have been plenty of times when I went to my hairstylist requesting Lauryn Hill natural fabuolousness only to be sent home looking like D. L. Hughley. While some of us may have the heart to complain, others give a polite smile before running home to a Youtube tutorial to feverishly attempt a fix. But did you ever think a bad hairstyle would lead you to catching your stylist’s hands?

A Brooklyn barber had some time last week and allowed his temper to get the best of him. The New York Daily News reports that around 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, a 33-year-old customer of the Levels Barbershop in Crown Heights told his barber he wasn’t pleased with his haircut and threatened to withhold payment due to his dissatisfaction. When the stylist heard he wouldn’t be paid for his work, he shoved the customer through the shop’s front window and the man’s face was sliced open. When the barber learned the man (later identified as Ismael Dushan) was bleeding, he ran off before the victim was taken to Kings County Hospital.

Free Small, a fellow barber at the shop explained that Dushan didn’t see the attack coming:

“He didn’t see the push coming.”

“All his body weight went through the window. You don’t know how bad a situation is going to get before you even react, and even though you ain’t mean to do it, it’s done.”

Dushan agrees with this statement and says that he was attacked while his back was turned:

“I had my back turned to the guy and the next thing I know, he pushed me, and pushed me straight through the window.”

“At that point, I flew through the window and the only thing I could remember was saying ‘What the f–k?'”

Small and Donald Romelus, another barber who witnessed the attack maintain they don’t know the barber’s name and don’t have any contact information for him. Small says the altercation didn’t have to happen and would’ve offered to help had he been aware of what was going on:

“I would have fixed the dude’s hair for him for free. Especially if I knew it was going to be a problem.”

“I think it’s a learning experience for everybody. Communication is key.”

The barber has still not been apprehended, but Dushan who is now experiencing breathing problems and nursing a laceration that required two doctors to stitch up, says the whole experience was questionable from the beginning. Dushan, a mental health professional, says the barber who initially was a stranger from him greeted him like they were “long lost friends” or like he was “ a regular customer.”

Dushan says throughout his service the barber was extremely negative and caught an attitude when he refused to allow him to trim his beard and informed him he wouldn’t be tipping him. He shares he actually had no issues with the haircut itself, and says regardless of his intention to pay or not, the barber acted irrationally:

“There was no reason why I would not pay him. … Regardless, if I wasn’t going to pay him or not, you don’t hit a customer.”

Maybe this barber should stay away from clippers and sharp items in general if he can’t maintain his temper and just focus on the hair and customer service.

Have you ever got into an argument or altercation with a hairstylist after expressing disappointment in their work?

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