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I remember as a kid waking up to the noises of my mom doing what sounded like Lamaze breathing and groaning. I’d find her lying on our front lawn, in her robe, twisting her body this way and that. I would tell her she was embarrassing me (because I was a kid and everything embarrassed me) and that I wish she’d at least do this inside. But she was doing her stretches, and getting some important vitamin D to start her day. Today, I see that my mom had a point. And I’m glad that she stretched back then because now, as she’s a bit older, she’s actually in excellent shape. She manages to exercise daily and live without many of the medications, braces, and heat packs that many of my friend’s moms of the same age need just to get by. Was it the stretching that did it? It’s quite possible. Here is why you should stretch every day. sugar machine

Reduce blood sugar

You probably already know that exercise can reduce blood sugar, but did you know that simple stretching can, too? Studies have found that stretching can help lower blood sugar levels in type two diabetes patients. her sides

Range and flexibility

Even if you aren’t a runner or athlete, maintaining flexibility and joint range is important for daily tasks. Something as simple as bending down to pick up a package can be a risk for people with tight muscles and restricted joints. with cast / splint on sofa of private home

Healing faster

If you do suffer a muscle injury, being a regular stretcher before the fact could speed up your recovery. Stretching improves circulation, with can help your muscles recover from harm quicker. businesswoman talking on cell phone outside conference room meeting

You’ll perk up

Since we already know that stretching improves circulation, then it’s no surprise that a quick stretch when you’re feeling tired could perk you right up. Stretching will send blood to places it may not have otherwise been getting, and get you past that 3pm slump. young go-getter

You’ll sit up straight

Part of the reason you hunch over may have to do with tight muscles. Keeping muscles lose makes it more comfortable to maintain healthy posture—which you’ll be grateful for later in life. confident woman looking away on living room sofa

You’ll feel happier

I noticed my mom was crankier on the days she didn’t stretch—maybe that’s because stretching releases endorphins. Even if you can’t exercise to get those feel-good hormones pumping, some simple stretches can do the trick. Black woman leaning on mirror wall

You’ll bust stress

When your muscles are tight, this can heighten sensations of stress. When your muscles are loose, your body can trick your mind into believing that you aren’t as stressed out. Black woman skateboarding by beach

Maintain balance

When your muscles are nice and loose, you have a better sense of balance. This can prevent falls and injuries, and improve coordination. heart health

Improve cholesterol

Exercise both helps to lower triglycerides, and increase your High-density lipoprotein levels—that’s your HDL or “good” cholesterol. But you don’t need an intense workout to get the effects. Even regular stretching can do the job. race woman stretching leg on bridge railing

You’ll work out better

Stretching improves your mobility and range of motion. What that means for gym rats is that you might squat lower, kick further, and just perform exercises better. athletic woman running outdoors

You’ll exercise longer

Stretching helps push oxygen through your blood, which can help you stay energized longer during your workouts. If you’re looking for ways to improve your stamina, stretching could be the answer. rate

Improve heart rate

When you stretch, you improve circulation, which means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood through your body. Regular stretching could produce a better heart rate. female runner stretching in rural park

Nourish those muscles

Stretching after exercise helps your blood send nutrients to your muscles, which means better recovery time and less soreness. balancing daughter on legs in park

Get a free massage

If you lay on the ground for certain stretches, you can give your lower back a nice massage. This, too, will release feel-good hormones in the body and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. from behind of woman excersizing by lake

Start your day focused on you

No matter how busy your mornings are, you can take five minutes to stretch. By doing so, you start your day by focusing on your health and can create a healthy lens through which you make decisions the rest of the day.

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