Amber Rose Expresses Her Undying Love For Ex 21 Savage. His “Response” Left A Lot To Be Desired

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I think it’s safe to say that after a breakup, more than a few of us still have real love for that person. In fact, the whole concept reminds me of a Dru Hill song where the group asks, what should they do with all the excess love they still feel.

But for most of us, that’s an isolated, individual process. We might express these residual feelings with our friends and family. But ultimately, we have to work things out alone. What we’re less likely to do is share those feelings with the internet…as a public figure. But this is exactly what Amber Rose did with her ex-boyfriend 21 Savage.

In a recently deleted post, Amber wrote:

I saw that and cringed. This is not new for Amber, she is generally the one expressing her undying love for a man after their relationship has ended. And while 21 Savage was perhaps the most expressive of her exes when it came to his love for her, since their separation it’s been radio silence from his end.

Personally, that would be more than enough for me to keep my mouth shut. But then I started to think, maybe I’m being too hard. Is there really anything wrong with professing your love for someone you’re no longer in a relationship with? Does this type of openness and vulnerability speak to an increased maturity, where you tell the truth about your feelings, even if it means opening yourself up to be rejected or ignored?

But just as I started to consider that alternative, there was a post from 21 Savage. And let’s just say the tone was different from Amber’s.

Of course, we don’t know who that post was for…but the timing is interesting. And if it weren’t directed toward Amber, I would like to think that this young rapper would have deleted it or explained by now. But nah. The silence continues.

I can only assume that this is why Amber subsequently deleted her post. Because perhaps, this isn’t the response she was looking for.

I don’t have the answers about what you should do after a breakup. The way my pride is set up, I would never. Still, leading with pride isn’t always the best option when it comes to love.  Perhaps next time, Amber can just send her ex a text.


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