Meghan Markle’s Siblings Are The Reason So Many People Say Family Can Be Your Worst Enemy

May 4, 2018  |  

Meghan Markle family


I’m convinced there are two major life events that bring out the absolute worst in people: weddings and funerals.

Funerals are understandable, as emotions are running high and questions about what will happen to a loved one and their estate must be answered. But just as people act up to exert their own level of importance during funeral planning and will disputes, the same thing can happen during wedding planning.

When I was trying to put together my own ceremony and reception in 2016, relatives I hadn’t spoken to in years and didn’t invite, started messaging me on Facebook, asking if they could bring along fellow relatives I had a nonexistent relationship with. People were also upset that they weren’t “given” a certain number of seats to fill for a wedding they weren’t helping to pay for. And to make matters worse, by the time my wedding day came, a good chunk of relatives I did know didn’t come to the church wedding, but were right on time with a bunch of individuals I didn’t know at the reception. The same people who tracked me down then, trying to get some seats and find a reason to come to Chicago, I haven’t heard from since (and didn’t get a wedding gift from if you don’t mind me being petty for a second). Family can certainly be a trip.

But no one’s family is worse than Meghan Markle’s right now.

Set to wed Prince Harry this month, the former Suits star has received a lot of support from her famous friends and parents ahead of her highly-anticipated nuptials. But when it comes to her half-siblings? They’ve gone out of their way to try and tear her down during one of the most important moments in her life. Her half-sister, Samantha Grant, who jumped at the chance to write a book based on their childhood and criticize Meghan on Twitter regularly, was bad enough. But no one proves the ways in which family can be so pressed, than her half-brother, Thomas Markle, Jr. Her entitled older brother shared a poorly written open letter with InTouch late last week that was addressed to Prince Harry, and in it, he encouraged his soon-to-be royal relative to call the whole wedding off.

“I’m confused why you don’t see the real Meghan that the whole world now sees,” he wrote. “Meghan’s attempt to act the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress is getting old.”

In the letter, he claims their father went bankrupt trying to help her clear up past debts, and that despite that, she’s since disowned him. He also says her fame has changed her into a “jaded, shallow, conceited women [sic], that will make a joke of you and the Royal family Heritage.”

“Not to mention, to top it all off, she dosent [sic] inite [sic] her own family and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding,” he said. “You and the Royal family should put an end to this fake fairytale wedding before it to [sic] late.”

Tom also tried to claim in the letter that their father was not invited to the wedding, but as it was reported this week, he will be attending. Kensington Palace stated that he will also be walking Meghan down the aisle after all.

Tom, who is understandably not in the loop because his mouth is very loose, wasn’t informed of this. Therefore, he had no qualms with bashing his sister, all the while claiming, “family comes first.”

“You would think that a Royal wedding would bring a torn family closer together,” he concluded in the nauseating letter. “But I guess we’re all distant family to Meg.”

You know, I used to write a column for this site about a variety of family issues and ways in which people could deal with them. I’ve been very big on family over the last decade, particularly the immediate family I grew up with. We’ve been through a lot, including the devastating loss of my brother, and such circumstances informed the type of advice I gave. I always felt that life is too short to hold on to grudges and that family truly is important.

But people like Meghan’s siblings allow me to understand those who used to comment on my stories and say they were no longer in touch with their sisters, brothers, fathers and/or mothers because of how toxic they could be. Family can truly be the main ones to gossip about you, lie on you, take money from you, wish for and even work towards your downfall. My own husband brought home food packed by an aunt, only to throw it in the garbage out of fear that something was done to it. You can be blood and still have an energy that is poisonous.

And while my experience with my own blood, thankfully, hasn’t left me sounding like Teri in Soul Food (“F–k the family!“), it’s through the behavior of people like the Markles that proves when jealousy, entitlement, money, fame and bitterness are involved, sadly, your family can be your worst enemy. And in Meghan’s case, that’s really sad. She’s literally winning in life right now, as she’s found love and will not only get the chance to do good humanitarian work full-time, but will also change the face of and the debate surrounding who does and doesn’t belong in the royal family. Because she doesn’t fit the expected look of a princess, and a match for Harry, she has been talked about pretty poorly across the pond, which isn’t surprising. But for it to be her own blood who is helping to continue such negative conversations, is a low-down dirty shame.

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