Don’t Isolate Your Married Friends In These Ways

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I’m not going to sit here and tell you that life doesn’t change for someone at all after marriage. Some things obviously change. It would be a bit strange, for example, to spend a major holiday with your best friend’s family instead of your spouse’s. That’s something you might be able to get away with before you tie the knot. But once married, a person becomes family—legally—with their spouse, and so they have more family-level responsibilities. That being said, a lot of things still stay the same. Someone’s personality doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) change after they get hitched. And, in many cases—especially today—a couple has been dating and living together for years before they make things official in the eyes of the law. So everyone in their life is already pretty used to the fact that this couple is committed and deeply involved in each other’s lives. So why, then, do so many women start to treat their friends differently when they get married? It hurts them. Don’t isolate your married friend in these ways.

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Excluding her from the dumb but fun group text

You know the one—the ongoing thread you have with your girlfriends, in which you share every single unimportant detail and anecdote of your lives. Your married friend might still want to be on that! Being married doesn’t mean she has any less time to see a photo of a dog that somehow looks like Madonna.

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