Boosting Your Immunity And Metabolism At A Resort

April 26, 2018  |  
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Going on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort can be the perfect way to relax. All of your activities, entertainment, and meals are on one large property (floating or stationary). If your idea of relaxing doesn’t involve researching tours or finding the hottest spot to eat, you’ll love a cruise or resort because everything is figured out for you. Your actual restaurant location options are limited, but the food options at those buffets are incredible. You’re never more than a ten-minute walk from the next show or event. You don’t need to pack a backpack for a full day of sightseeing because you can just go back to your room when you need something. That being said, cruises and resorts are indulgent places, filled with people (aka germs). Here are ways to boost your immunity and metabolism on vacation.

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Take the classes

The yoga, Zumba, Pilates, water aerobics, karate, rock climbing, diving, snorkeling…there are plenty of classes to keep you busy. They won’t only help you burn calories, but they’ll keep you from meandering by the bar or buffet all day.


Snag some breakfast

Set your alarm so you wake up in time to get breakfast—even if it’s the tail end. If you just can’t wake up in time, then go one morning, and grab a few items like yogurt, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs to put in your mini fridge. Then you can have breakfast on your time.

Order a-la-carte

If you have the option to order a-la-carte rather than eating the buffet, do it. You don’t need all the food that comes with the buffet (and you can just try a few items off your companion’s plate anyways).

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Try the special, smaller restaurants

Many resorts and cruise ships have the several major dining rooms, but then they’ll have a couple of small, intimate restaurants at which you need reservations. So make reservations at these. They usually have healthier menus, and come with a unique ambiance.

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Get off the ship

Get off the ship when it stops. Walk around. Have lunch somewhere other than the buffet. Take a walking tour. Go on a hike. Just get off the ship and you’ll find yourself moving around.


Bring bottled water

You never know if you can trust the fountain water on cruise ships or in resorts. In fact, many illnesses are spread through the water specifically in these types of places. So pack tons of bottled water.

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Book a spa day

Book a spa day. You can flush out all those toxins from the fruity cocktails in the sauna, Jacuzzi, and in your massage therapy. It will just put you in a healthier state of mind, too.

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Get a massage

And definitely, do book that massage. Massages are great for removing toxins from the body, and they can help you relax in a healthier way than any cocktail might. machine detail

Stay away from slot machines

Don’t gamble. Gambling just means touching lots of buttons and surfaces that thousands of strangers have touched. And it means sitting for hours. Just don’t do it. mix in a wooden plate

Avoid communal food

Like the bar nuts, the plate of sliced watermelon being passed around etc. These are riddled with bacteria.

Pack probiotics

Pack probiotics and take them every day. Add things like pickled foods to your meals. Your gut needs good bacteria when you’re exposed to so many germs and new foods.

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Pack Purell

You’ll put your hand on handrails, elevator buttons, Jacuzzi rails and so many other unsanitary surfaces. You may not have the time or energy to walk to the nearest restroom to wash your hands so just pack Purell.


Stay away from mist machines

Mist machines can be one of the biggest spreaders of bacteria and illnesses on cruises and at resorts. Awful diseases like Legionnaires can be spread through these, so just don’t stand under them.

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Don’t order blended drinks

Remember that blended drinks force you to consume a ton of crushed ice, and you don’t know what water was used to make that ice. Stick to chilled beverages, wine, or beer.

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Walk everywhere

Challenge yourself to not take any elevators, escalators, or golf carts. Walk from the show to dinner. Cruises and resorts are usually larger than actual running tracks, so make use of them.

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