Golf Club Apologizes For Calling Cops On Black Women Members “Playing Too Slowly”

April 24, 2018  |  


Imagine going to the golf course with your fellow black female friends on a Saturday afternoon. This is no one-time visit thing. You know what you’re doing because you’re a part of a well-established golf group for sistahs. And as you’re playing, the owner tells you that the “20-minute break” you took between holes was too long, your pace is too slow and that you need to leave. When you refuse, the cops are called. Excuse me, but how is going “too slow” in the game of golf even a thing?

According to York Daily Record, this is exactly what happened to five black women at Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania on Saturday. The ladies, all in their 50s, are a part of Sisters in The Fairway, a golf group that has been around for more than 10 years. All members are experienced players, and they hold membership at this particular club.

Basically, they know their sh-t. So, when they were approached by five white men asking them to leave the premises because their break and their pace in general were too slow, they were shocked and startled because they felt like they were being discriminated against.

According to the Associated Press, the ladies ended up skipping a hole because they realized they were lagging a bit, and they understood golf etiquette to allow the group behind them to go in front, if necessary. Despite this, they were still asked to leave. Three of the ladies actually left because they were “traumatized by the alleged harassment (which I don’t blame them for).”

But two remained – Myneca Ojo, 56, and Sandra Thompson, 50, an attorney and the head of the York chapter of the NAACP. As police were on the way to the scene, they captured the mens’ request for them to leave on two separate videos.

Former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister, who identified himself as the owner of the club on the video, claimed that their “slowness” was effecting the group behind them, but the video shows the group behind them were taking just as long.

When the police arrived, guess what? No charges were filed against the ladies.

“No result on our end, no action,” Northern York County Regional Police Chief Mark Bentzel said yesterday. “We were called there for an issue. The issue did not warrant any charges. All parties left, and we left as well.”

Not only were no charges filed, but Chronister’s wife, Jordan, and co-owner of the club, personally called them to apologize.

“We sincerely apologize to the women for making them feel uncomfortable here at Grandview, that is not our intention in any way,” she told YDR. “We want all of our members to feel valued and that they can come out here and have a great time, play golf and enjoy the experience.”

Although the club has offered to still sit down with the ladies to have a further discussion, Thompson isn’t sure that’s the answer.

“There needs to be something more substantial to understand they don’t treat people in this manner,” she said.

While a meeting sounds all fine and dandy, my question now is: Where are the black-owned golf clubs?

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