Meagan Good Shares Eyebrow Transplant Results; 5 Things to Know

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Actress Meagan Good has had a love-hate relationship with her eyebrows for some time now. As she’s previously stated, the 36-year-old beauty’s ‘brows were permanently damaged by far too much primping and plucking done when she was a young adult.

“As some of you may know, eyebrows have long been a source of contention for me for over the last decade,” the star shared on Facebook back in 2015. “Not that I dont love mine,but in the late 90s-early 2000s – it was very popular for women to draw their eyebrows on as narrow as possible or in some cases tweeze them to the point of no return. I unfortunately fell victim to this trend, not being able to reverse it. After tweezing my brows, they got to a point where they didn’t grow back-at all. I was left to draw my brows with pencil & powder.”

And when drawing them on no longer felt like the way to go, Good went a step further and decided to tattoo her ‘brows on.

“The area I grew up in, there were a lot of Spanish girls, and they used to shave their eyebrows off to draw them on,” she said. “When I started doing that, they didn’t grow back. So I had to tattoo them on.”

But the end results of all the possible fixes she tried over the years still left her wanting more. So late last year, she decided to start the process for having an eyebrow transplant. She first shared the news of her intentions in October:

If you have never heard of an eyebrow transplant, here are five things you should know about the procedure:

For Good, she went through with the transplant and showed off her results on Instagram this week. Her new ‘brows are more natural and complement an already gorgeous face:

So if you’ve been painting your ‘brows on for years now and want a change, you do have another more permanent option. However, experts recommend you do you research on possible surgeons, and you ask yourself if your eyebrows need a surgical change, or can be worked with via non-surgical means.

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