How Life Can Be Rewarding Without Kids

April 9, 2018  |  
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If you’re a woman who doesn’t want children, you might sometimes wonder is something wrong with me? Well, let’s think about the reason people have children. They do so to leave a legacy, to create something they can love deeply with their partner, to pass on the tremendous amount of love in their hearts, to share their resources and bounty, to send a little light into this world, and to pass on their wisdom and warmth. Do you feel the need to do those things? Probably. And it’s okay if you don’t choose to do them through procreation. There’s nothing wrong with you for not wanting children. That’s just some myth created a long time ago when there was an underpopulation issue, and humans rarely lived past the age of 27, in order to keep the human species going. But we’re going strong now, so if you don’t want to make another life, that’s okay. Here is how life can be rewarding without kids.

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Become a mentor

Become a mentor for young women. There are probably several programs offered in your area through community centers, high schools, and colleges, through which you can mentor young women. You can either be a general life mentor, or a more specific type for things like creative writing, college applications, or volunteer work.

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Your friends who do have kids are always grateful for a break from parenthood. So think of the busy parents in your life who never get time to themselves, and pick up a couple of babysitting shifts a week. You are, in a way, helping in the rearing of that child then—you’re part of the village it takes to raise a child.

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If you want to give back, and make the most of your time here, volunteer. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, a women’s shelter, a job-placement center for the homeless…there are so many places that could use your love and attention. funny dog lying on bed at home

Take care of animals

A lot of people fulfill their need to care for another life by having animals. Animals don’t come with the complication of kids (like stopping teens from doing drugs or discouraging your 20-year-old from marrying too young) but they still let you spill your love, affection, resources, and attention to a living being.


Be an amazing friend

Be an amazing friend! Be there for friends in need. Be the listening ear, or warm hug, to friends going through breakups, divorces, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs and more. There is probably always at least one friend who could really use some extra support at any given moment.

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Be an amazing aunt

If your siblings have kids, you can be the best aunt in the world. You can mentor them, be a friend, be a babysitter, and be a listening ear for your exhausted siblings.

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If you have the money to have a child but don’t have one, well, you’ll save a lot of money. So choose some charities that mean a lot to you and set up regular donations for them. You can even start an investment fund from which you give all the interest to a charity.

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Buddy up with the elderly

There are a lot of elderly individuals who could really use a friend out there. They may live far from their family, have an absent family, or live in an under-staffed retirement community. Become a buddy to these individuals.

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Be a host

You can still be the mom of your group without being a mom. Host regular dinner parties, always offer up your guest room to a visiting friend, and let your place be the hang for friends who need a break from their homes.


Travel and make connections

Travel the world and spread your love and warmth everywhere you go. Stay at AirBnbs where the hosts will be home, and make life-long connections with people from different cultures. Bridge different cultures in this otherwise polarized world by touching every corner of this earth with love.

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Become a teacher! It’s one of the most fulfilling jobs, and you’ll never suffer a lack of children who need your guidance, warmth, support, and attention. And you can be certain your legacy and wisdom will live on in all of your students.

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Sponsor a child

You don’t need to have a child to support a child. Sponsor a child in need in an orphanage. Share your financial resources with a kid who really needs them, even if you aren’t up for the task of parenting. serving food in community kitchen

Tend to the homeless community

Go out into the community and tend to the homeless. Make care packages with food, blankets, umbrellas, books, water, and more. This is a never-ending need that you can attend to.

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Be an exchange student host

There are always students from all over the world needing a place to stay in your town! So be an exchange student host. You can introduce people from other cultures to your favorite parts of your city, and be a pseudo-mother to them while they stay with you.

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Write a book/be a speaker

Write a book, write a blog, be a professional speaker on the topics that matter most to you. You can focus on kindness, charity, and philanthropy and spread those values through your work.

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