How Having Kids Changes Some Of Your Relationships

April 4, 2018  |  
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They say that having kids changes everything, but when you hear that, you probably only think of how it changes your day to day life, your bubble, your experience as a human being who is now responsible for a life. What may surprise you is that, in addition to developing this incredible relationship with your child, you’ll see a transformation occur in other relationships in your life. When you become a parent, every other relationship in your life takes on a new meaning. Your parents are no longer just your parents—they’re your child’s grandparents. Your friends aren’t just quirky, fun individuals: they are real influences in your child’s life (if you let them be). Your partner isn’t just your best friend and lover—he is your partner in the business of raising a child, and eventually a teenager, and eventually a young adult. Here is how having kids changes many relationships in your life.

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You want your mom’s advice again

You used to think your mom stuck her nose where it didn’t belong too much, but now that you have a crying baby in your life, you want your mom to tell you everything she knows about parenting. You need all the help you can get.

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And your dad’s protection

Your dad used to be a bit too protective of you—especially when it came to men—but now, you love how much he worries and prepares for the worst. You want him to do that for your child.


Your husband=father of your parent’s grandkids

Your husband’s bond deepens with your parents. He’s no longer just their daughter’s husband; he is the father of their grandbabies. In fact, there is now a little human who shares both your partner’s and your parents’ DNA.

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You= mother of his parent’s grandkids

Your bond deepens with his parents, too. You’re no longer just their son’s wife; you’re the mother of their grandbabies. In fact, you grew those grandbabies in your body and gave birth to them. His parents can’t help but have a deeper love for you now.

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You become far lower maintenance

You can’t believe you ever used to be finicky about how lettuce was cut or how laundry was folded. You just think it’s a miracle if someone else is cutting lettuce or folding laundry for you. Translation: everyone likes you a little bit more because you are less critical and more grateful.

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You cherish time with friends

Finding time with friends isn’t very easy to do now. So when you do have a chance to step away from your children and grab drinks with the girls, you really appreciate how loving, hilarious, and strong each of them is.

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Your siblings adore their niece/nephew

Maybe you and your siblings weren’t ultra close before, but now that you have kids, things are changing. Your siblings can’t help but adore your children, and since they love something you love so deeply, too, you can’t help but feel closer.

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You and your partner are family

You and your partner are officially family. Sure, you become family when you get married, but now there is a human being who contains both your and his DNA in her body. That’s wild.

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You share blood with your siblings-in-law

You also become closer with your partner’s siblings. They share DNA with your child, too. And they love their little niece or nephew, so they love you for giving birth to the baby.

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You become more patient with friends

When you have children, you can’t help but become more patient. Nothing ever runs on schedule. Nothing ever goes as planned. So you’re a lot more lenient on friends who are less-than-perfect.


Your parents babysit for you

Your parents—as well as your in-laws—babysit for you and your partner. They share in one of the most important experiences of your life: taking care of your children. That’s something you can bond over.

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They’re the only sitters you trust

It also strikes you that, when you leave your kids with their grandparents, you don’t worry. You know they love your child as much as you do and would do anything to protect him.

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Your real friends really step up

Some friends don’t know what to do once you have kids. They disappear. They don’t want to be involved with family life. Then you have the friends who show their beautiful true colors and offer to babysit, or to just come over and give you a manicure.

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You better understand other mothers

You have a new appreciation for every mother in the world. That coworker of yours, or the woman who owns the clothing store you pop in on—they’re all moms, and now you see them as very special.

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You really cherish date night

You and your partner really cherish date night. You don’t take it for granted. And you don’t argue over where to eat or what to watch. You’re just so excited that you don’t have to cook!

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