A Few Reasons Why Michael Rapaport Deserved Every Second Of That Kenya Moore Drag

April 2, 2018  |  
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When actor and want-to-be comedian Michael Rapaport met Kenya Moore he had no idea what he was in for. For whatever reason the interview escalated to the two taking jabs at one another. Rapaport tried to say Kenya’s feet were ashy and that she wanted to be him. And she read him for filth, saying that he was an unemployed middle-aged, chubby White man and she would pass.

It was delicious. I know Kenya is not everyone’s favorite. She doesn’t always use her powers for good. Still, there are several reasons why her coming for Rapaport were right on time.

Coming for Janet Jackson

During the Super Bowl, people naturally remembered Janet Jackson. Seeing Justin Timberlake reminded us of her absence. And people commented on it. For some reason, Rapaport took it upon himself to call people’s comments making nothing out of something.

Attacking Black Women

When people told him that it was a conversation that wasn’t for him, he began attacking Black women on Twitter, using very culturally specific words and imagery to insult them.

Just no. I’m honestly so tired of Whiteness being such a default that Black people can’t even have our own identity. We have to be the Black version of someone White. Enough. This wouldn’t have been ok coming from anyone but especially this guy with his history.

Stick to Making Sneakers

Everyone was in such an uproar when it came to Laura Ingraham telling LeBron to stop talking politics, to just “shut up and dribble.” But quiet as it’s kept, Rapaport made similar comments about Lonzo Ball’s music. It’s one thing for him to dislike Lonzo’s music. Everything ain’t for everybody. But his insistence that he has a better jump shot, that he should be prioritizing one thing over the other, just comes across as yet another White man feeling salty about the ascent of young Black kids with talent. And like Laura, he has unsolicited advice for a young Black man.


More than a few people argued that Rapaport, who has been around Black men and Black communities for decades now learned to Black women this way from watching the way our own men treat us.

Disrespecting the Root

When The Root wrote about Rapaport’s Blaccent and his consistent input on the Black community and our issues, he got extremely disrespectful to their editors, who just so happened to be, you guessed it, Black women. In the midst of their exchange, he suggested they perform fellatio on him, insulted the entire publication, and then suggested that one of the editors get on Weight Watchers.

A Fake Twitter Account for his son

In an effort to get The Root to stop criticizing him, Rapaport allegedly created a fake account for his son and attempted to attack the publication that way. He alleged that he was being bullied at school because of their commentary and then asked that the entire piece be removed. There is a slim chance that the account really does belong to Rapaport’s son. But I doubt it. Virtually every tweet references his father in some way. He defends him consistently. In fact, his bio reads: “Son of  I love my dad. F*ck with him. F*ck with me.” His handle is @mikerapaportson. Listen, I love my father too but my life doesn’t revolve around him and it certainly didn’t as a teenager. Not to mention, Daddy Rapaport is a grown man, more than capable of defending himself.

Take a Knee

According to BET, in September 2016, when Colin Kaepernick was catching hell for taking a knee during the national anthem, Rapaport tweeted: “Anybody that kneels on 9/11…possibly dropped from my Fantasy Football Team. Think it thru for real.”

Gringo Mandingo

This was the name given to himself. Sad.

Either way, he had the drag coming.

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