Why I’m Not Mad At Blac Chyna For Fighting At Six Flags

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I think we can all agree that Blac Chyna hasn’t always leveraged her opportunities to the best of her ability. We were all counting on her to infiltrate the Kardashian family and bring it down. But alas, that’s not how the cookie crumbled. And instead, she and her mother have done quite a bit to drop the ball and the bag.

So yesterday, when news dropped that she and her boyfriend were fighting at Six Flags, the assumption was that it was some hood sh*t.


Initially, all we saw were the videos of Blac Chyna trying to break away from her security to swing on someone. She attempted to use the very stroller that she used to push her babies through the amusement park as a weapon.

It didn’t look good.

But in some tweets from the young lady who was claiming to be involved in the altercation, it seems like the fight had more to do with maternal instincts and protecting her children than just acting up in public for no reason. 

See what the young lady tweeted and deleted about the incident.


The facts:

  • A STRANGER walked up to Chyna’s child and touched her.
  • She was warned not to touch the child.

  • She approached Blac Chyna to ask her if she had a problem with her touching her child.

  • The stranger instigated the physical nature of the interaction, alleging that she slapped Chyna first.

So, not only did this woman touch Chyna’s child, she also put her hands on her. I don’t condone violence but I understand that there are circumstances. And this woman tried it more than once.

Do I agree that Blac Chyna’s boyfriend should have been in the midst swinging and hitting women? Absolutely not. And hopefully, he wasn’t doing any more than trying to subdue and pull them away from his girlfriend.

But for the life of me, I can’t understand someone feeling entitled to touch someone else’ child. Even if they’d grown up under a rock and felt like this type of behavior was appropriate, when someone tells you not to touch a child, it’s not the time for you to turn up and look for a fight. It’s time for you to either apologize or take your over eager and inappropriate self on somewhere. Strangers don’t get to decide how people will raise their children.

Later, a message from Blac Chyna corroborated the story and the reason for the altercation.

Makes sense to me.

Not to mention, from the looks of the videos, it doesn’t seem like her children were anywhere near the melee. That’s responsible parenting right there.

Not saying we all need to be out here stroller swinging but if someone touched your child and then tried to physically fight you about it, how would you handle it?

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