15 Ways You Could Probably Simplify Your Life

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Don’t you just have some days when simply living life feels like such a hassle? We all have those moments when we just want to crawl back into bed and hit the reset button. Life is complicated these days. Older generations can attest to it—my 95-year-old grandpa often makes jokes about how he’s glad he has nurses to handle everything because even the simplest tasks are harder than they used to be. We’re expected to do more, go more places, make more, have more and just be more than any previous generation. Everyone isn’t just a person—they’re a brand! Nobody can just have a hobby anymore—they’re pressured to find a way to monetize it. There are a several hundred selections when it simply comes to choosing a chapstick. I want to get back in bed just writing this. Who doesn’t want more ways to streamline life? Here are ways you could be simplifying your life.

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Use your car less (or not at all)

Your car can be very convenient, but it can also be a huge responsibility. How many times have you wanted to pull your own hair out over the struggle to park? How often do you run late places because you need to stop for gas? Look for opportunities to use your car less frequently. Consolidate errands. Take the bus if you’re not in a rush. Walk to the pharmacy instead of drive, and call that your exercise.

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Get a smaller place

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large home, you may actually feel unfortunate. Large homes, with more rooms than you need, are more stress than they are a pleasure. There is the constant cleaning and fixing. If you have the spare room for guests, but only have guests three times a year, get a smaller place. Put your guests up in a hotel.

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Only have friends you love

It’s okay to just not love some people. Deciding that you don’t want to dedicate time and energy to someone isn’t cruel. You don’t owe attention to everyone who wants it from you. You can admit that there are some people in your life who don’t bring you much joy. So clear them out. Make more time for the friends you are thrilled about.

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Let go of high maintenance habits

You probably have a few of these, like professional hair dying, going to a professional waxist, and taking yoga classes. You can dye your own hair. You can do your own landscaping in the bikini area. You can watch yoga tutorials online.

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Get a haircut you love

There is one thing you should go to the salon for and that’s a haircut you love. Sit down with a stylist, and talk about a cut that would look good while requiring little work on your part. Find a way to cut appliances and product out of your life.

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Recycle mail offers

Be cutthroat about recycling junk mail. If you are currently content with your life the way it is, then why open that offer for a new credit card? Or an upgraded gym membership? If you just recycle those without even opening them, you’ll be amazed at how…life just goes on! And you forget all about them.

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Get a dishwasher

Okay look: I realize these aren’t cheap. But time is money and you’re wasting time aka money doing dishes every day. You may very well spend nearly an hour cleaning the dishes from your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you get a used machine on Craigslist, you can put in a little time walking neighbor’s dogs, driving for Lyft, and that thing will be paid off. Then you can forever save yourself an hour a day.


Under schedule your days

Rather than over schedule them, under schedule them. Allocate two hours to things that you believe will only take one hour. What’s the worst that will happen? You’ll find yourself with time to relax?

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Take five tidy minutes night and day

First thing in the morning, spend five minutes tidying up. Put away clothes. Clean that mug. Put the dog’s toys in their basket. Make it the very first thing you do in the morning. A de-cluttered home means a de-cluttered mind. Do the same thing before going to bed at night.


Have one clothing item for each purpose

You don’t need three beige blazers. I understand that one has pinstripes, one is plain, and one is a soft jersey material. But the world doesn’t notice. And sometimes, having fewer options is less stressful.


Be great at one thing; not mediocre at several

Nobody is remembered for being okay at several things. Who stands out in life? The people who are incredible at one thing. If you’re amazing at one thing, nobody will care of you’re a little less-than-perfect at the others.

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Set boundaries

You’re allowed to want alone time with yourself. You’re allowed to want alone time with one friend, meaning another can’t invite herself. You’re allowed to put a note on your door that says, “Do not knock unless you have called or texted first.” Hey—you could be taking a much-needed nap!

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Focus on one thing at a time

When you multitask, you don’t really save time. You just wind up doing a mediocre job at everything, and having to re-do your work. You can also feel like you mentally checked out. Focus on one thing at a time. You’ll do better at everything and feel more present.

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Create dedicated bank accounts

Have an account for your rent and utilities. Have one for debts you are paying off. Set up automatic transfers so that you pay into these accounts as soon as you get your paycheck. This will give you a realistic look at how much disposable income you have.


Be grateful

A lot of the stress we experience comes from the delusion that we don’t have everything we need. When we feel that way, of course, we pay for the upgrade, buy things we don’t need, and complicate life. Focus on how great your life is. Things will feel much simpler.

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