Surprising Benefits Of Regularly Visiting A Spa

March 30, 2018  |  
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There are some products and services out there that have been mislabeled as “luxury” or “gourmet,” when they should really be labeled as healthy and essential. Organic produce, memory foam pillows, massages, and spa days come to mind. Perhaps we should re-think the way we see these things and rather than considering them items we splurge on (and even feel guilty about paying for), we can see them as essentials that we make room for in our budgets. I’m sure your doctor would agree that some of your disposable income would be better spent on pesticide-free produce and sinus-opening essential oils than on cocktails and designer clutches. In fact, you’ve probably noticed how incredible you’ve felt after a day at the spa—that’s your body telling you it’s good for you! Here are 15 surprising benefits of visiting a spa.


Better circulation

Between the various massage treatments, Jacuzzis, and steam rooms, you can improve your circulation by regularly visiting a spa. Better circulation means more oxygen to your brain and organs, as well as healthier skin.

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Release muscle tension

The heat and tension from both massages and Jacuzzis can greatly release muscle tension. If you let your masseuse choose heat-activated oils, you can get even greater muscle relaxation.

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Focus on yourself

When you take a spa day, you take time to focus on yourself. Doing so can improve your self-esteem, body image, and confidence. A spa day is also just a nice excuse to unplug from the world—you usually can’t take phone calls in spas and are encouraged to put your phones away.


Serotonin boost

Whether you choose to get a treatment such as a massage or facial, or simply enjoy the Jacuzzi, steam room, and quiet room, you’ll get a boost of serotonin. That’s why spas are great for stress-relief.

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Remove waste

Getting a massage helps move waste from your body. Be sure to chug plenty of water after your treatment so as to flush those toxins out. Sitting in the sauna or steam room can also pull out some toxins.

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Open those sinuses

If allergy season has you all plugged up, try visiting a spa. Sit in the Jacuzzi or enjoy the steam room. You can really open up those sinuses and may find it easier to breathe. A massage therapist can also choose certain aromatherapy oils that break up congestion.

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Bond with women

Many spas are either just for women, or have women-only areas. Take advantage of these because when women get together great things happen! It’s nice to have a place where the male ego isn’t present.

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Remove dead skin cells

Mud baths and mud wraps can remove dead skin cells, open up your pores, and create a more beautiful complexion. The sauna can also unclog those pores and help your skin retain product better.

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Boost the immune system

Moving from a hot environment (like the sauna) to a cold one (like the pool) can actually boost your immunity. You have several opportunities to do this at a spa between the steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzi, and the swimming pool, cold showers, and ice towels.

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Get healthy recipe ideas

You can get some inspiration from that spa menu. Some spas have some of the best healthy restaurants in town, you just don’t hear about them because they’re tucked away inside the spa.

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Sleep better

Whether you go for a hot stone massage, sit in the hot tub, or enjoy the sauna, you can reap the benefits of heat therapy. Heat therapy can help you sleep more soundly at night.

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Fight aging

Enjoy a facial and you’ll get some deeply hydrating products and circulation-boosting massage that will make you look younger and healthier.

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Slow down your heart rate

Temporarily slowing down your heart rate can be deeply relaxing. Getting a massage, sitting in a sauna, or enjoying the Jacuzzi can do this. Even the ultra-soothing music the spa plays will help.


Relieve pain

You can often select massages that specifically target areas where you need to relieve pain. Furthermore, sitting in the Jacuzzi can be good for arthritis sufferers.

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Bust PMS symptoms

A spa is like a one-stop-shop for busting those PMS symptoms. The Jacuzzi can alleviate cramps. The heat from the sauna can loosen those muscles. And the entire place will just put you in a good mood.

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