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Did you catch the premiere of VH1’s Teyana & Iman last night? It’s now one of my favorite reality shows, and unlike other shows in that genre, it hasn’t baited me with drama. It’s actually kind of boring, and guess what? I love that. Seeing this 20-something couple on the small screen could teach you a thing or two about marriage. And I am here to watch and listen.

Singer Teyana Taylor and her husband, Iman Shumpert, a Sacramento Kings basketball player, offer us a peek into their lives with the new reality show, Teyana & Iman. Seeing their cutesy-ness on social media must have sparked the idea for this show, and I’m glad it did.

But marriage, as experienced by Teyana and Iman, is really just living your days out with your partner-in-crime doing normal stuff like taking care of your child, laying in the bed talking, cheering your partner on as they tackle new business ventures, and grocery shopping. Yes, grocery shopping.

The couple actually filmed a scene where they showed us the items they pick up at the market. And their daughter, baby Junie, really likes marshmallows. As she was going hard on one in the store, papa Iman put the kibosh on her eating the entire thing with a swift move you’ve gotta see. Mamas and daddies, learn that move!

So, watching them go through all the mundane made me think about what actress Viola Davis said in Black Love, an OWN documentary.

“One of the things that I understand about marriage is that it’s the everyday. People don’t always marry the everyday. They marry the kind of now, kind of wow, and then it gets to the every single day, the going to bed, the waking up, getting the groceries, taking out the garbage, and loving each other through that,” she said.

And that’s exactly what Teyana and Iman are showing us. But between all of the everyday, they make sure to adhere to the three Ls: lust, laughter, and love. These two seem to get it poppin’ a lot, and that is a darn good thing.

“We are so mentally, emotionally, and sexually attracted to one another. We have great sex. But we gotta schedule it. Like, babe, when Junie goes for her nap, are you trying to go on the balcony?…That’s parents for you. You gots to figure it out,” Teyana said in her confessional.

So, they have the lust thing down. And coupled right along with lust is laughter. Everyone knows laughter is an aphrodisiac. Iman called his wife an oompa loompa because of her orange wig, and she proceeded to take it off and playfully beat him with it.

And last but not least – love. It’s obvious that they love each other, and that love is reflected in how they treat each other and their baby, Junie.

Although the premiere was like a remixed Black reality show version of “a show about nothing,” it’s really a show about everything. No dramatic fireworks need to be lit in order for this show to work. It is a lituation of mundaneness in itself.

“We are a positive Black family who has their issues but still work through it,” Teyana said.

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